To speed prototyping and research, we offer a wide range of cables, evaluation boards, heatsinks / thermal paste / fans, Laser Diode Mounts, power supplies, test loads, rack mount kits, and thermistors. You can sort by accessory type on this page or see what accessories are available from the specific Product Page > Accessories tab.


HTCEVALPCBEval BoardEvaluation PCB for HTC Series Temperature Controllerseval-board
LDDEVALPEval BoardLDD P Series Evaluation Boardeval-board
PIDEVALPCBEval BoardEvaluation PCB for the PID1500eval-board
PLD10EVEval BoardEvaluation PCB for the PLD10000 & PLD12500eval-board
PLDEVALPCBEval BoardEvaluation PCB for the PLD Series Laser Diode Driverseval-board
PTCEVALEval BoardPTCEVAL Evaluation Boardeval-board
WHY5690Eval BoardEval PCB for WHY5640 Temp Controllereval-board
WLD3393Eval BoardEval PCB for WLD3343 Laser Diode Drivereval-board
WTC3293Eval BoardEval PCB for WTC3243 Temp Controllereval-board
WTCPEVALEval BoardEvaluation Board for WTCP5V5A PWM Temperature Controllereval-board
WTCP-OEMOEM BoardWTCPOEM System Board for WTCP5V5Aoem-board
TCS10K5ThermistorTCS10K5 10 kΩ Thermistor, 5-packthermistor
TCS610ThermistorTCS610 10 kΩ Thermistor, 10-packthermistor
TCS620ThermistorTCS620 20 kΩ Thermistor, 10-packthermistor
TCS650ThermistorTCS650 50 kΩ Thermistor, 10-packthermistor
TCS651ThermistorTCS651 100 kΩ Thermistor, 10-packthermistor
PWRPAK-5VPower SolutionSwitching Power Supply 8 A, 5 Vpower-solution
PWRPAK-7VPower SolutionSwitching Power Supply 3 A, 7.2 Vpower-solution
PWRPAK-9VPower SolutionSwitching Power Supply 3 A, 9 Vpower-solution
PWRPAK-12VPower SolutionSwitching Power Supply 2.5 A, 12 Vpower-solution
PWRPAK-24VPower SolutionSwitching Power Supply 2 A, 24 Vpower-solution
PWRPAK-11A-12VPower SolutionSwitching Power Supply 11 A, 12 Vpower-solution
PWRPAK-13A-5VPower SolutionSwitching Power Supply 13 A, 5 Vpower-solution
PWRPAK-16A-5VPower SolutionSwitching Power Supply 16 A, 5 Vpower-solution
HTCHTSKThermal SolutionHeatsink for HTC Series Temperature Controllersthermal-solution
HTSK-BRKTThermal SolutionHeatsink Bracketthermal-solution
MULTI-HTSKThermal SolutionMULTI-HTSK Multi-Product Heat Sinkthermal-solution
MULTI-HTSK-HIThermal SolutionMULTI-HTSK-HI Heat Sink for 10 A Modelsthermal-solution
THERM-PSTThermal SolutionThermal Pastethermal-solution
WEV300Thermal SolutionWEV300 Thermal Solution Kitthermal-solution
WEV301Thermal SolutionWEV301 Thermal Solution Kit with +5 V Fanthermal-solution
WEV302Thermal SolutionWEV302 Thermal Solution Kit with +12 V Fanthermal-solution
WHS302Thermal SolutionWHS302 Heatsink for Wxx Controllersthermal-solution
WTW002Thermal SolutionWTW002 Thermal Washerthermal-solution
WXC303Thermal SolutionWXC303 +5 V Fanthermal-solution
WXC304Thermal SolutionWXC304 +12 V Fanthermal-solution
WXC305Thermal SolutionWXC305 Screw Kitthermal-solution
55-110014CableSMA to BNC Cablecable
55-110015Cable3-foot USB Cablecable
55-110034CableMale-to-Male BNC to BNC Cablecable
CKL-103CableCKL-103 Connector Kit for MPL (DB15M)cable
CKT-202CableCKT-202 Connector for MPT Series (DB15F)cable
CKT-203CableCKT-203 Male DB-9 Connector Kitcable
CKT-204CableCKT-204 TE/RH/Sensor Male DB 15+2 Connector Kitcable
WCB101CableWCB101 MPT Cable, DB15F/Unterminatedcable
WCB102CableWCB102 MPL Cable, DB15M / Unterminatedcable
WCB103CableWCB103 LFI3751 Output Cablecable
WCB107CableWCB107 Power / TEC Cable for PTC Seriescable
WCB108CableWCB108 4 pin Unterminated Cablecable
WCB109CableWCB109 6 Pin Unterminated Cablecable
WCB201CableWCB201 Cable for LDD P Seriescable
WCB308CableWCB308 Power / LD Cable for PLD-CH & LDxCHA Seriescable
WCB310CableWCB310 SMA to SMA Cable, 36”, male-to-malecable
WCB311CableQCL 14-pin Connector with Cablescable
WCB312CableQCL Power Supply Wiring Kitcable
WCB313CableWCB313 QCL Power Cablecable
WCB314CableWCB314 QCL Load Cablecable
WCB315CableWCB315 LDMOUNT Cable for the TC LAB Seriescable
WCB316CableWCB316 LDMOUNT Cable for the LFI3751cable
WCB317CableWCB317 LDMOUNT Cable for the WTC3243 cable
WCB318CableWCB318 LDMOUNT Cable for the WLD3343 cable
WCB319CableWCB319 LDMOUNT Cable for the TC LAB Series (no Lock)cable
WCB320CableWCB320 LDMOUNT Cable for the LDTC Series cable
WCB321CableWCB321 LDMOUNT Cable for the PLD-CH Seriescable
WCB322CableWCB322 LDMOUNT Cable for the PTC-CH Seriescable
WCB324CableWCB324 LDMOUNT Cable for the LDxCHA Seriescable
WCB325CableWCB325 PWRPAK-16A-5V Wiring Kitcable
WCB401CableWCB401 RS-232 cable, 6-ft, DB 25-9 pincable
WCB402CableWCB402 RS-232 cable, 6-ft, DB 25-25 pincable
WCB403CableWCB403 RS-232 cable, 2-ft, DB 25-25 pincable
WCB404CableWCB404 USB-RS232 Adapter Cablecable
WCB405CableWCB405 DB-9 Cable Assemblycable
WCB406CableWCB406 DB15+2 Cable Assemblycable
QCLTL-LOTest LoadQCL Test Load for QCL500/QCL1000test-load
QCLTL-1500Test LoadQCL Test Load for QCL1500test-load
QCLTL-2000Test LoadQCL Test Load for the QCL2000test-load
RCKMT-LABDUALRack Mount SolutionDual Unit Instrument Rack Mount Kitrack-mount-solution
RCKMT-LABSNGLRack Mount SolutionSingle Unit Instrument Rack Mount Kitrack-mount-solution
INTLK REPL KITSupportQCL Lab Series Interlock Replacement Kitsupport
LDMOUNT-5ASupportLDMOUNT 5A Butterfly Laser Diode Mountsupport
LDMOUNT-CUSupportCustom Butterfly Card for the LDMOUNTsupport
USBKITSupportUSB Interface for Laser Diode and Temperature Controllerssupport
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