Below you will find a list of publications by some of our customers that demonstrate how Wavelength products enable cutting edge research in many fields. Product-specific citations can be found on the Product page > Downloads tab.

Temperature Controllers

Open-path, quantum cascade-laser-based sensor for high-resolution atmospheric ammonia measurements
Physical Factors Influencing Pleasant Touch during Passive Fingertip Stimulation
Simple pressure-tuned Fabry–Pérot interferometer
Mobile mapping and Eddy Covariance flux measurements of ammonia (NH3) emissions with a portable Quantum Cascade Laser-based open-path sensor
Intuitive, Image-Based Cell Sorting Using Optofluidic Cell Sorting
A Double FFT Procedure to Improve the Sensitivity of a Tunable Diode Laser Open Path Spectrometer for Sensing Local Atmospheric Gas Concentrations on Mars
A Proposed Robotic Air Quality Monitoring System
A Stroboscopic Approach for Fast Photoactivation-Localization Microscopy with Dronpa Mutants
Broadband amplitude squeezing in a periodically poled KTiOPO4 waveguide
Broadband quasiphasematching for large-scale entanglement in the quantum optical frequency comb
Membrane Association of the PTEN Tumor Suppressor: Molecular Details of the Protein-Membrane Complex from SPR Binding Studies and Neutron Reflection
One-to-one quantum dot-labeled single long DNA probe
Quantifying Binding Affinity of MLV Gag to Lipid Membranes
Temperature Modulation and Quadrature Detection for Selective Titration of Two-State Exchanging Reactants
A microfluidic chip integrating DNA extraction and real-time PCR for the detection of bacteria in saliva
Temperature-dependent phase behavior and protein partitioning in giant plasma membrane vesicles
Ultrafast quantum random number generation based on quantum phase fluctuations
Design and construction of cost-effective tapered amplifier systems for laser cooling and trapping experiments
Ultrasensitive nanoparticle detection using a portable whispering gallery mode biosensor driven by a periodically poled lithium-niobate frequency doubled distributed feedback laser
Miniature swept source for point of care Optical Frequency Domain Imaging
Atomic clocks and coherent population trapping: Experiments for undergraduate laboratories

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