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SPIE Society of Optical Engineering
Society for Applied Spectroscopy Non-profit informational organization dedicated to spectroscopy
Laser Focus World Provides optoelectronics, laser information and photonics industry coverage: Optics, lasers, fiber optics, imaging, photonics + laser trends
Photonics Spectra The leading global information resource for the Photonics Industry
Mid-IR Semiconductor Lasers Enable Sensors for Trace-Gas-Sensing Applications Commercial and research QCL sources can target strong fundamental rotational-vibrational gas absorption lines in the mid-IR spectral range and pure rotational lines in the terahertz range that are one to two orders of magnitude stronger than overtone transitions in the NIR. (Dr. Frank K. Tittel, Rice University)
Light Reading Telecommunications Industry News
Nature Photonics A unique mix of news and reviews alongside top-quality research papers
Product Focus: Diode Drivers, Nature Photonics, April 2008

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Comparison of laser diode drivers — components and instruments — offered by Wavelength Electronics, ILX Lightwave, Intersil, Picoquant, M Squared, and VueMetrix. The FL500 offers a component for low noise control that compares very favorably with larger more expensive benchtop instruments, including an LED driver, a high power diode driver, and a picosecond laser
Spectroscopy Practical advice about modern spectroscopic techniques and instrumentation to solve real-world problems in diverse applications
Industrial Laser Solutions Leading international resource for technology information on industrial laser materials processing
LEDs Magazine The leading global information source for the LED community
Novus Pages On-line photonics directory of lasers, optical components, optical instruments and vision technology
Photonics Online Resource for professionals in the photonics industry- Information on imaging, optics, optoelectronics, fiberoptics, wavelength, diodes, semiconductors and more
Photonics Online White Paper: “How Temperature Stability is Measured” Mary Johnson’s discussion of how temperature stability is measured at Wavelength Electronics. This is also available as a Wavelength Electronics Technical Note. TN-TC02: How Temperature Stability Is Measured
Laser Safety on Wikipedia A useful primer on laser safety from WikiPedia. Wavelength Electronics does not warrant the accuracy of the WikiPedia information nor accept responsibility for the result of its use is a crowdsourced Research Engine for selecting laser diodes. The site gives users access to all of the brands and data sheets in one place and efficiently connects them to the best semiconductor laser for their application
Photon Terrace Hamamatsu’s educational photonics website


AdTech Optics Inc. AdTech Optics designs, engineers, and manufactures mid-IR semiconductor lasers based on Quantum Cascade technology
Alpes Lasers Alpes Lasers is a Swiss engineering company pioneering advanced light sources, especially Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) used in various applications such as gas detection
Hamamatsu Hamamatsu creates products to address the infinite realm that exists in what mankind doesn’t yet know and has not yet achieved
mirSense mirSense is a start-up company which develops and produces Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL) diodes and QCL-based advanced photonic devices such as wideband tunable QCL sources for real-time, high sensitivity trace detection and chemical analysis of gas, liquids and solids by infra-red laser absorption spectroscopy. The unique mirSense approach uses only microelectronic solutions without any moving mechanical or optic components, resulting in compact and robust devices
nanoplus GmbH Dedicated to innovative lasers, nanoplus was founded in 1998 by former members of the department of Applied Physics at Würzburg University, which focuses on research on novel types of semiconductor lasers. nanoplus offers single mode QC- Lasers at a variety of different wavelengths between 6 µm and 14 µm
Thor Labs Thor Labs creates products to serve the community of scientists and foster the continued forward movement of photonics
Aerodyne Research Inc. Aerodyne provides research and development services and advanced instrument and software products to industrial, academic and government customers addressing national and international environmental, energy and defense challenges
Block Engineering For over 50 years, Block Engineering has been a leader in mid-infrared detection instruments. Its industry-leading Quantum Cascade Laser spectrometers and mid-IR laser sources offer the widest tunable range and most rapid, non-contact surface analysis on the market today
Daylight Solutions Mid-infrared laser light is providing game-changing solutions to molecular spectroscopy, detection and imaging challenges in markets such as: Defense & Security; Life Sciences; Research; and Industrial Process Control. As a mid-IR technology pioneer, Daylight Solutions has delivered more mid-IR systems to more applications world-wide than anyone else
Physical Sciences Inc. Physical Sciences, Inc: Helping to ensure the world’s most capable and best protected warfighters, as well as protecting civilians at home. Inventing new diagnostic tools and improving the availability of modern drug treatments. Understanding the causes and impact of global climate change while advancing the efficiency and reducing the environmental impact of existing energy sources
Picarro, Inc Picarro is a leading provider of solutions to measure rare gases for applications across the Energy/Utility and Scientific markets. Picarro solutions are built from our patented Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) technology, that enables the detection of target molecules at parts per billion resolution
PNNL At Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, our mission is to transform the world through courageous discovery and innovation. Our vision: PNNL science and technology inspires and enables the world to live prosperously, safely, and securely. Our values of integrity, creativity, collaboration, impact and courage provide the foundation for all we do
Temperature sensitivity of the electro-optical characteristics for mid-infrared (3-16 µm)-emitting quantum cascade lasers Temperature dependences of the threshold current and slope efficiency, as represented by their respective characteristic temperature coefficients T 0 and T 1, are discussed for quantum cascade lasers (QCLs) emitting in the 3.0-3.8 µm, 3.9-5.0 µm, 8-10 µm, and 12-16 µm wavelength ranges. … Carrier-leakage suppression, best evidenced by the T 1 value, is shown to have been the key to effectively doubling the room-temperature pulsed and continuous-wave (CW) wallplug efficiencies


Vishay Vishay brand thermistors
Measurement Specialties YSI brand thermistors and temperature probes
US Sensor Corp. US Sensor brand of thermistors and temperature probes
Texas Instruments Texas Instruments’ line of temperature sensors, including the LM335 series
Analog Devices Analog Devices’ line of temperature sensors, including the AD590 series
Marlow Industries Inc. Marlow’s complete line of thermoelectric coolers
Laird Thermal management solutions comprising liquid cooling systems to recirculating chillers, thermoelectric assemblies to thin film thermoelectric modules
Peltier Device Information Directory of information on peltier thermoelectric devices
Birk Manufacturing Inc. Birk Manufacturing’s line of flexible heaters
Honeywell Flexible heaters and other sensors
Minco Minco’s product line including resistive heaters
Translogic Inc. Translogic’s line of resistive heaters
Tutco-Farnam Custom Products Tutco-Farnam’s line of precision-grade flexible heaters constructed of etched foil film including polyimide (Kapton), silicone rubber, and mica for extremely durable high temperature applications.
Rath-USA High temperature insulating ceramic and fiber mats, board, and modules
Electronics Cooling Premier magazine dedicated to engineers responsible for thermal management in the electronics industry
Process Heating Lists manufacturers in the US and Canada that are involved in the use of heat at temperatures under 1000°F in manufacturing
DigiKey Distributor for Wakefield heatsinks


XP Power XP Power’s complete line of power supplies
Belfuse Belfuse’s line of power supplies
IPC Electronics Industry Standards
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
DigiKey General and comprehensive electronic components supplier
Chemtronics Cleaners and lubricants for electronics manufacture
Allied Electronics General and comprehensive electronic components supplier
Laird Technologies EMI shielding products
RF Cafe RF Cafe is a unique portal of RF, microwave, wireless, and other engineering resources. Vast collection of equations, references and conversions for electrical, mechanical, physical, and mathematical fields
EE Power Digital publication focused on the power electronics industry, featuring technical articles, design tips, and application notes from leading power electronics engineers and application experts.
Electronic Component News Leading provider of product news and information for the electronic designer
Electro-Optics A leading resource for engineers involved in lasers, optics and photonics technology
NASA Tech Briefs Engineering solutions for design and manufacturing, with specific focus on: defense, photonics, nanotechnology, motion control, software, embedded technologies, and “green design and manufacturing”
R&D Magazine News and information for the research and development community
QMed Buyers Guide and magazine for medical product design and development

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