Electronic Manufacturing Services Capabilities

Our advanced manufacturing facility and well-qualified engineers allow us to provide full-service product manufacturing with JIT-dependability, flexibility, and world-class quality.


Process Design for Optimal Cost, Yield, and Delivery:

  • Design for Manufacturability Evaluation and Process Plan is included in initial assessment
  • Technical Program Management


Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs):

  • Single- and Double-Sided Assembly
  • Surface-Mount (SMT), Through-Hole, and Mixed Technologies
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA) to 0.4mm pitch, and 0402 Packaged Components
  • RoHS-compliant or Leaded
  • Aqueous Wash or No-Clean Processes
  • Two SMT Lines
  • Selective Solder Machine for Plate-Through Automation

Electro-Mechanical Assembly:

  • Box Build
  • Cable Harness / Routing
  • Heatsink Assembly
  • Conformal Coat or Potting


Test & Troubleshoot:

Test to your protocol to ensure 100% accurate build

Quality Assurance Processes ensure builds are accurate and repeatable:

  • Workmanship Standards to IPC Class 2 or 3
  • Documentation Management of Bill of Materials and Assembly
  • Instructions
  • Moisture Sensitive Parts Handling
  • Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) Prevention
  • Parts Sourcing ensures only approved parts are used
  • Visual Inspections throughout the build

Purchasing and Inventory Management:

  • Turnkey Component Sourcing — from your BOM and approved supplier list
  • Component Cost Reduction
  • End-of-Life and Obsolescence Notification and Resolution



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