Who is Wavelength?

Who is Wavelength

Wavelength Electronics solves complex electronics problems in photonics systems.

Our first products were laser diode drivers and temperature controllers – OEM modules and components.  The vision was to provide benchtop instrument performance in a small package and simplify the design process for laser engineers.

We’ve maintained our focus on LD safety and evolved to offering only high-performance solutions – very stable current, very low noise, very stable wavelength.  We complement our designs with high reliability manufacturing – our return rate is less than 0.1%.  For every thousand systems that go out, only one returns.

Our OTS components and modules offer a variety of form factors, current levels, and integrated thermal solutions.  For even easier operation, we developed touchscreen instruments that are very intuitive to use.

Our proven track record of high-performance design and high reliability delivery offers several strategic advantages to our clients.

  • Researchers can quickly complete proof of concept work.  They can determine how sensitive their design is to noise or instability. They can prove that their idea can solve a problem.
  • Developers can then quickly bring that technology to market.  Using a stable electronics base, chemists, physicists, and laser engineers are free to focus their efforts on those parts of the design.
  • Once the systems satisfy the end customer, we work with our client’s design teams to bring the product successfully to market.
    • For example, we offer Product Variations to minimize COGS.  We can build our electronics on your baseplates.  We can remove cables and accessories that don’t add value.
    • We can also error proof the end-to-end manufacturing process.  We can set limits or other operating parameters at our factory, reducing complexity and risk for your assemblers and technicians.
    • For FDA approved systems, we provide ongoing engineering support to handle obsolete components

Then we deliver. Consistently. On time. Handling the supply chain risk.

“You are setting the customer service bar very high, and I only wish our other vendors could follow your lead.”

Problem Solving Capabilities

We’re committed to researching new technologies as they emerge, and constantly expanding our capabilities.

At present, our CW laser diode drivers can modulate in the MHz range.  We can scale the output currents to support VCSELs at the low end and pump diodes at the high end.

Our temperature controllers easily achieve mK stability – regardless of environmental conditions.  Stability is only limited by the sensor resolution.  We offer both linear and higher efficiency PWM output stages.

When Quantum Cascade Lasers became commercially available, we licensed patented technology from Pacific Northwest National Labs to introduce very low noise electronics for QCLs. We even developed proprietary manufacturing techniques to ensure low noise operation in the field.

We then introduced the touchscreen instruments.  We added firmware and software to our capabilities.  We support a wide range of communication protocols:  USB, Ethernet, I2C, SPI.

We invest in researching the best solutions.  We simplify the electronics building blocks so our customers can focus on what they do best.

Where have demanding engineers designed in Wavelength modules?

Our clients are successful in a wide range of applications.

Our controllers have been designed into systems that need stability, reliability, or low noise.

For example:

  • Environmental monitoring – trace gas analysis, spectroscopy
  • Airborne sensing – military, aerospace, drone-based
  • Industrial micromachining, where power stability is critical, Manufacturing Process Control – life testing lasers, sensors for quality assurance
  • Many medical systems – both surgical and diagnostic, FDA approved solutions
  • Our temperature controllers are now being integrated into Quantum Systems.
  • And, of course, Fundamental Research in all these fields

We have chosen to focus on high performance.  Our customers leverage our expertise to gain a competitive advantage.

Reliable Manufacturing complements High Performance Design

We believe a design is only finished when it can be manufactured repeatedly with high yield. In addition to our knowledge of circuitry, we researched best-in-class electronics manufacturing practices.  We’ve invested in automated production equipment – two SMT lines, a selective solder, AOI.  We’ve developed procedures and protocols in our Quality System to consistently achieve a return rate of less than 0.1%.

Support From Concept To Production

At Wavelength Electronics, we are committed to your success. Our reference library includes multiple sources of information. Our knowledgeable Technical Support staff is available by phone or email to assist in troubleshooting.

“I like that when I call your company, I get a knowledgeable person who can help me right away.”

Detailed and accurate datasheets document each product. Application and Technical Notes describe typical design, implementation, and troubleshooting of complex electronic systems. Case Studies highlight the innovative work that our customers are doing. How-to videos help you to get up and running fast. Our online design tools assist you in making the proper decisions during configuration.


Technical Support at Wavelength is provided by a team of engineers, ready and able to assist at any stage. We understand the product as well as the systems they are designed into and can help troubleshoot in real-time.

“Your company is great! I needed to customize one of your products and your sales rep walked us through the whole process, and even gave us suggestions that improved on what we originally wanted and saved us money.”

Wavelength has built a foundation of circuit knowledge.  We have off the shelf OEM laser diode and quantum cascade laser drivers to help with initial development and proof of concept. Our temperature controllers can stabilize any optical system element that needs precise temperature control.  Each can be adapted with Product Variations to minimize cost and provide long term solutions.

We build the electronics ourselves with high reliability.  We are process driven.  We have a staff focused on continuous improvement & we experiment. We try something then perfect how to make it happen repeatedly. We earn design wins by being a collaborative partner that can design the circuitry and navigate all the electronics supply chain issues.

Where are we going?  Smaller, more efficient laser diode control systems.

We are introducing Custom Engineering Services

We can design and manufacture systems that perfectly fit the need – multiple channels, compact size, any combination of form fit and function.

We’ve been experimenting with and refining our design process – adding gates, doing risk analysis.  We’ve learned how to define the project well, so execution is fast and effective.  In our design process, we compare different circuit choices to balance cost, size, and performance. We know when to do circuitry in analog and when digital offers advantages.

We can work with your engineers to identify needs and the best solutions.

Then we can design the circuitry, integrate it mechanically into your system.

Build the prototypes and validate the design.

Then produce it with high yield.

We offer a faster track to success at lower risk.

If electronics or manufacturing challenges are getting in the way.  If electronics noise, current or power instability, or wavelength drift keeps you up at night.

If you need a partner that can deliver, team with us at Wavelength Electronics.

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