PTC2.5K-CH 2.5 A Temperature Controller, Chassis Mount

  • Drive ±2.5A of TEC or RH current
  • Single supply operation: +5 to +30 V
  • Small package: 3.0" x 3.2" x 1.1"
  • Remote enable input
  • Linear Stability: 0.0012°C
  • Selectable sensor bias current
  • Adjustable Current Limit
  • PI Control with "Smart Integrator"
  • Failsafe Setpoint default for D/A

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The PTC-CH Series Chassis Mount Temperature Controllers deliver the precision performance and long-term reliability you expect from a Wavelength Electronics temperature controller. PTC-CH Series controllers are found in such diverse applications as particle and droplet measurement, manufacturing machine vision systems, biomolecular interaction analysis, and more. They are CE certified. A PDF version of the Declaration of Conformance is available.


PTC-CH controllers are available in different models so you can choose the one that best suits your application:

  • PTC2.5K-CH delivers up to ±2.5 A output current
  • PTC5K-CH for applications requiring up to ±5 A
  • PTC10K-CH drives up to ±10 A
  • PTC10K-SL can be tied to the 10 A driver to deliver a combined ±20 A output current

The PTC-CH controllers operate from a single power supply between 4.5 V and 30 V. The linear bipolar controller drives a Peltier thermoelectric cooler or a resistive heater, and the chassis-mount package integrates easily into OEM applications.

PTC-CH controllers interface with a variety of temperature sensors, and the bias current is adjustable in order to maximize controller sensitivity and stability for your application.

The compact chassis-mount design simplifies heatsinking and requires minimal space. PTC-CH controllers are quick to configure for your prototype project, and there are no surprises when it’s time to integrate the controller into the final design.

When controlling laser diode temperature, the LDMOUNT-5A, a 14-pin butterfly laser diode mount with integrated heat sinking, is available for simple connections between the PTC-CH and the laser.

If you are using a Quantum Cascade Laser or need low noise performance with a laser diode, we offer the PTC-CH nested in the QCL OEM drivers. Information is available here.


Built-in features make your product more robust to real-world operating conditions and minimize your electronics overhead:

  • If the optional remote temperature setpoint signal is lost, the controller defaults to a standard “safe” temperature setpoint (25ºC when a 10 kΩ thermistor is used). The safe temperature can be changed at the factory; call for details.
  • An on-board trimpot is used to set the output current limit to prevent over-driving the TEC, and helps protect your load from thermal runaway situations.
  • Proportional gain is easily adjusted with an on-board trimpot.
  • Low temperature coefficient design remains stable across a wide range of ambient conditions.

When used with Wavelength’s laser drivers, such as the PLD Series, these temperature controllers provide stable and reliable performance that sets your system apart from your competitors’ and keeps your customers satisfied.


Download the brochure to view a more detailed specification chart, and then call Wavelength’s sales engineers so we can help you choose the right temperature controller for your application.

Free, effective, and responsive technical support is available to simplify integration of Wavelength products into your OEM design. The standard product can be easily modified to meet your application requirements.

Supply Range: +5 to +30 V
Temperature Control Output Current: up to ±2.5 A
Temperature Stability: 0.0012°C (10 kΩ thermistor at 25°C) over one hour
Stability across ambient: 0.0014°C (10 kΩ thermistor at 25°C) over an hour – Ideal for scanning applications

Setpoint vs. Actual Temperature Accuracy: less than 1 mV typical

-Adjustable output current limit
-Default Setpoint: If external setpoint drops below 0.3 V, an onboard default circuit sets it to 1 V. [25°C with a 10 kΩ thermistor]
-PI controller with “Smart Integrator” minimizes overshoot and time to temperature
-Compatible with multiple sensors
-Adjustable sensor bias current optimizes sensor feedback voltage
-Can operate with unipolar current for Resistive Heaters

Maximum Power Dissipation: 60 W
Chassis Mount Module size: 3.0″ x 3.2″ x 1.1″ (76 x 81 x 28 mm)

Top View of PTC2.5K-CH



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