What are some important parameters to consider before purchasing a product?


Wavelength Electronics offers a wide variety of quantum cascade or diode laser drivers, and temperature controllers. Depending on the parameters of your application, there may be several options that fit your needs.

Questions to be answered prior to product selection:

What are your current/voltage requirements to the load?

    • Laser Diode Drivers
      • Current outputs up to 12.5 Amps.
      • Voltage outputs up to 87 Volts (with product variation).
    • QCL Drivers
      • Current outputs up to 2 Amps.
      • Voltage outputs up to 20 Volts.
    • Temperature Controllers
      • Current outputs up to 20 Amps (with master/booster configuration).
      • Voltage outputs up to 30 Volts.

What packaging requirements do you have?

  • Wavelength offers products in three different packaging types:

 Components   —   smallest, mounted onto a circuit board
Modules   —   bigger, chassis or benchtop mounting
Instruments   —   largest, benchtop or rack mounting

With your power supply and load, will the Wavelength component or module be overpowered?

  • Any component/module that is chosen has a Safe Operating Area (SOA). While utilizing a Wavelength product in your application, the product must stay within its SOA. Operating outside of the SOA may damage the product or the load, and voids the warranty.
  • The SOA is the region where the Wavelength product can safely dissipate the internal power generated during operation (given the operating current and voltage). If the power supply is too large (providing too much voltage), or if the load is too small (using too little voltage), the Wavelength product will go outside of its SOA.
  • Temperature Controller SOA Calculator
  • Laser Diode Driver SOA Calculator

Below is a table summarizing the key differences between the different packaging types available.

Component Smallest Circuit Board User-supplied Pins (to PCB) Via PCB
Module Medium Benchtop or Chassis User-supplied Cables Via Cables
Instrument Largest Benchtop or Rack AC Wall Power Cables Display or Remote

To read the full App Note (AN-LDTC08), click here.

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