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What does the Compliance Voltage specification in laser diode drivers mean?

Why is my PLD laser diode driver current limit disabling the output even when the output is below the limit current level?

What limits the temperature control range of a temperature controller?

Why won’t my temperature controller settle my load to temperature?

Why does it take so long to settle to the setpoint temperature?

Why won’t my load stabilize to your temperature controller specification?

Why is my load heating when it should be cooling?

Why is there electrical noise on the device I’m trying to temperature control?

What DC power supplies do you recommend to achieve the stability specifications listed in your manuals?

Should I use a switching power supply for my application?

How do I view and print your manuals on-line?

An empty screen appears when I try opening a PDF manual. What does this mean?

Which address do I use to remit payment or a purchase order?

Can I buy from you or do I need to go through a distributor in my area?

Do you take Credit Cards?

Where do I send my unit for repair or calibration?

What is the latest firmware version of the LFI3751?

How do I tell what version of firmware my LFI3751 has in it?

Where can I get the BenchLink software for the LFI3751?

How often does the sensor circuitry update on the analog LFI3751?

How often does the control circuitry update on the analog LFI3751?

What is the accuracy of the thermistor bias current as a function of the supply voltage to which the bias resistor is connected? For example, what is the percentage change in bias current for, say, 1% and 5% changes in the supply voltage?

I would like to know if my laser diode is of type B and I want to use it in constant current mode. The anode of the LD is internally connected to the case. Now I would like the case to be grounded, how should I connect it with the WLD3343 LD Driver? Ground the anode and then connect the cathode to pin 11? Can pin 11 supply a negative voltage so that the LD can be lit up?

How do I know whether or not I need a heat sink or a fan on my WTC3243 thermoelectric temperature controller?

How do I know whether or not I need a heat sink or a fan on my WLD laser diode driver?