Do you have a chart indicating the relationship between the resistance of the setpoint and the current of the thermoelectric?


Unfortunately, such a chart can not be made for temperature controllers because the output current depends on the variables of the feedback control loop: the actual instantaneous temperature of the load, the heat that the thermoelectric is required to pump in order to maintain the set temperature, the thermal mass and temperature lag, and other more subtle variables.

For example: if the current actual temperature is 25°C and the setpoint is 40°C, the controller will drive a substantial current through the thermoelectric (TEC) in order to quickly bring the actual temperature closer to the setpoint. As the actual temperature approaches the setpoint the controller will reduce the drive current to avoid temperature overshoot. Once the system reaches equilibrium the TEC drive current will stabilize, but the exact drive current will depend on the variables of the thermal system.

Essentially, the temperature controller will drive whatever current level is required in order to maintain the setpoint temperature.