RoHS Compliance

Environmental protection legislation is changing the electronics market for all of us. We are committed to providing you with RoHS compliant products to satisfy these changing market needs. Our products do not contain lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, polybrominated diphenyl ethers or restricted phthalates.

We have converted all product families to RoHS compliant assemblies. Part numbers will not change. As they are released, the first compliant lot numbers of each product family will be announced on our website. Our prototyping electronic assembly service is available with RoHS compliant processes. Click to download a Letter of RoHS Compliance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does Wavelength mean when listing a product as RoHS compliant?
A: First, all component parts used in our products have been certified by our vendors to be RoHS compliant. Second, all soldering and other manufacturing processes at Wavelength do not introduce non-compliant compounds into the product.
Q: Will parts with tin/lead solder still be available after the transition to RoHS compliance?
A: Only by special request. Wavelength is removing the lead from all products. If you have a special need, contact the sales department at
Q: How can I distinguish between compliant products and non-compliant products?
A: Since the part number will not change, the lot or serial number will indicate compliance status. The first compliant lot or serial number for each product family is included in the Certificate of Compliance on this web site. (See chart below.) In addition, the product web pages will be marked with the RoHS icon, and the products will be similarly marked.
Q: Will there be a cost impact associated with the change to compliant products?
A: No. There will be no price changes as a result of conversion to RoHS compliance.

 Compliance Chart per Product Lot Number:

Laser Diode Drivers

FL500 00A061603
FL591FL 00A061622
FL593FL Always Compliant
LD2.5CHA Always Compliant
LD5CHA Always Compliant
LD10CHA Always Compliant
LD15CHA Always Compliant
LDD200-1M 2008-10-30
LDD200-2M 2008-10-30
LDD200-3M 2008-10-30
LDD2001P 00A061394
LDD2002P 00A061419
LDD2002P-PS000A PSA061393
LDD2003P 00A061483
LDD4001P 00A061467
LDD4002P 00A061468
LDD4003P 00A061484
LDTC0520 Always Compliant
LDTC1020 Always Compliant
LDTC2/2E 00A061431
LDTC2/2O 00A061432
MPL250 00G061480
MPL2500 00G061478
MPL2512 00B061481
MPL500 00G061381
MPL7500 00G061683
PLD10000 00A061734
PLD10K-CH Always Compliant
PLD12.5K-CH Always Compliant
PLD1250 2008-10-30
PLD12500 Always Compliant
PLD200 00F061698
PLD500 00F061486
PLD5000 00F061733
PLD5K-CH Always Compliant
PLD6500 Always Compliant
QCL1000 LAB Always Compliant
QCL1000 OEM Always Compliant
QCL1500 LAB Always Compliant
QCL1500 OEM Always Compliant
QCL2000 LAB Always Compliant
QCL2000 OEM Always Compliant
QCL500 LAB Always Compliant
QCL500 OEM Always Compliant
WLD3343 00D061586
WLD3343-2L Always Compliant
WLD3343-3A Always Compliant
WLD3343-3L Always Compliant
WLD3343HB Always Compliant

Temperature Controllers

HTC1500 00D061453
HTC1500-62 Always Compliant
HTC3000 00D061767
HTC3000-62 Always Compliant
HTC4000-62 Always Compliant
LDTC0520 Always Compliant
LDTC1020 Always Compliant
LDTC2/2E 00A061431
LDTC2/2O 00A061432
LFI3751 ANALOG Not Compliant
LFI3751 DIGITAL Not Compliant
MPT10000 REV E 00E061711
MPT10000 REV F 00F0626004
MPT2500 00F0624030
MPT5000 00F0623002
PID1500 00C061438
PTC10000 Always Compliant
PTC10K-CH Always Compliant
PTC10K-SL Always Compliant
PTC2.5K-CH Always Compliant
PTC5000 Always Compliant
PTC5K-CH Always Compliant
RHM5K-CH Always Compliant
WHY5640 00B061621
WTC3243 00B061414
WTC3243HB Always Compliant
WTC3293-14001-A 14A061617
WTC3293-14002-A 14A061618


50-010011 2009-06-30
50-010031 2009-06-30
50-010045 2009-06-30
50-010046 2009-06-30
50-010129 2009-06-30
50-010150 2009-06-30
55-11014 2009-06-30
99-850000 2006-04-14
FL591 00A061677
HTCEVAL 00A061417
HTCHTSK 2006-04-14
HTSK-BRKT Always Compliant
LDDEVALP 00A061469
LDMOUNT-5A Always Compliant
MULTI-HTSK 2009-06-30
MULTI-HTSK-HI 2009-06-30
PIDEVAL 00A061470
PLD10EV Always Compliant
PLDEVAL 00A061463
PWRPAK-11A-12V 2009-06-30
PWRPAK-12V 2009-06-30
PWRPAK-13A-5V 2009-06-30
PWRPAK-24V 2009-06-30
PWRPAK-5V 2009-06-30
PWRPAK-7V 2009-06-30
PWRPAK-9V 2009-06-30
TCS10K5 2008-10-30
TCS602 Not Compliant
TCS605 Not Compliant
TCS610 By Exemption
TCS620 By Exemption
TCS650 By Exemption
TCS651 By Exemption
USBKIT Always Compliant
WCB101 2009-06-30
WCB102 2009-06-30
WCB103 Not Compliant
WCB104 Not Compliant
WCB107 2009-06-30
WCB108 2009-06-30
WCB109 2009-06-30
WCB201 2009-06-30
WCB308 2009-06-30
WCB310 2009-06-30
WCB311 2009-06-30
WCB312 2009-06-30
WCB313 Always Compliant
WCB314 Always Compliant
WCB315 Always Compliant
WCB316 Always Compliant
WCB317 Always Compliant
WCB318 Always Compliant
WCB319 Always Compliant
WCB320 Always Compliant
WCB321 Always Compliant
WCB322 Always Compliant
WCB324 Always Compliant
WCB325 Always Compliant
WCB401 2009-06-30
WCB402 2009-06-30
WCB403 Not Compliant
WCB404 2009-06-30
WEV300 2006-04-14
WEV301 2009-06-30
WEV302 2009-06-30
WHS302 2006-04-14
WHY5690 00B061575
WLD3393 00B061513
WTC3293 00A061542
WTW002 2006-04-14
WXC303 2009-06-30
WXC304 2009-06-30
WXC305 2006-04-14

EU RoHS versus China RoHS

What is China RoHS?
The Measures for Administration of the Pollution Control of Electronic Information Products (commonly known as “China RoHS”), was issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China. It aims to restrict the use of toxic and hazardous materials in electronic equipment.

China RoHS affects all Electronic Information Products (EIPs) that are manufactured on or after March 1st, 2007 and sold into China.

What is an “Electronic Information Product” or EIP?
There is no broad definition of what encompasses an EIP, but the China RoHS explanatory note includes components as well as finished products. Any product listed in the Key Catalogue is considered an EIP.

Does compliance with the EU RoHS Directive, also mean compliance with China RoHS?
The China RoHS is similar to the EU RoHS in that it restricts certain hazardous substances in consumer products and in packaging materials. However, the China RoHS was developed entirely separately from the EU regulations. China RoHS includes automotive, medical devices, manufacturing equipment, components, electronics, radar equipment, certain raw materials, and packaging materials.

China RoHS does not acknowledge EU RoHS exemptions. Only those products which are added to the Key Catalogue are subject to material restrictions. If a product is not listed in the Key Catalogue, it is “exempted”. So China RoHS does not need to contain exemption rules, as exemptions are granted automatically unless being explicitly revoked.

How can I determine if a product is China RoHS compliant?
If an EIP does not contain any hazardous substances (Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr6+, PBDE, and PBBE) above the maximum concentration values, then the following symbol must be applied on the EIP or the product instructions.

What are the Maximum Concentration Values (MCVs)?
China RoHS provides for three different classifications for MCVs:

  • EIP-A Each Homogenous Material
  • EIP-B Metal Plating
  • EIP-C Small Components/Materials (generally less than 4.0mm3)

China uses the same MCVs as EU RoHS except for metal plating:

  • 0.1% for Pb, Hg, Cr6+, PBDE, PBBE
  • 0.01% for Cd

How do I know if a Wavelength product is China RoHS compliant?
Our products are labeled with both the RoHS and the China RoHS icons. If the China RoHS icon is not shown, the product is NOT compliant.

Additionally, in the table above, if the product is listed as COMPLIANT, then it complies with BOTH the EU RoHS and the China RoHS. If the product is listed as COMPLIANT BY EXEMPTION, then it is ONLY compliant with the EU RoHS, but not the China RoHS. Currently, only our thermistors fall into this category.

Please contact Technical Support if you have any questions concerning compliance.


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