LDTC Series 1 A Laser Driver & Thermal Control

  • Low noise LD current up to 1 A
  • Slow-Start & Brownout Protection
  • Constant Current or Constant Power
  • Adjustable Laser Diode Current Limit
  • Remote TTL Shutdown or Interlock
  • Small package size: 2.35" x 2.9" x 1.17"
  • Failsafe Setpoint default for D/A
  • Drive ±2.2 A of TEC or RH current
  • Single Power Supply Operation
  • Chassis mount includes all cables

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The LDTC Laser Diode Driver and Temperature Controller combines Wavelength’s proprietary FL500 and highly stable WTC3243 in one compact module. LDTC modules are in use around the world providing trouble-free reliability in range finders, telecom laser modules, military-aerospace research and development, airborne metrology, academic research, laser diode LIV testers, and more.


The LDTC module requires minimal overhead electronics, so your engineers can focus on high-level design features that differentiate you from your competitor. The compact LDTC is easily mounted in your laser system, with latching connectors for easy manufacturing. The flexibility of the LDTC design allows the controller to be operated from a single power supply. The power supplies can also be separated, if your application requires higher compliance voltage.


The laser driver is based on our popular FL500, known for low noise output and trouble-free operation. Two models are available, providing either 500 mA (LDTC0520) or 1.0 A output current (LDTC1020). The current limit circuit cleanly clamps laser diode current without ringing or overshoot, and recovers without inducing a phase shift in a modulated laser signal.

The temperature controller is designed around the WTC3243, our ultra-stable temperature control module known for the ability to sweep load temperature across ambient. Independent cooling- and heating-current limits allow the LDTC to be used with thermoelectric coolers or resistive heaters and either negative or positive temperature coefficient sensors.

The LDMOUNT-5A, a 14-pin butterfly laser diode mount with integrated heat sinking, is available for simple connections between the LDTC and the laser.

Wavelength has done critical research and design work into safely controlling laser diodes. The result is a module that saves you money in development and manufacturing, and delivers trouble-free service over the life of the system.


Download the brochure to view a more detailed specification chart, and then call Wavelength’s sales engineers so we can help you choose the right driver for your application.

Free, effective, and responsive technical support is available to simplify integration of Wavelength products into your OEM design. Standard product can be easily modified to meet your application requirements.

Low noise: 22µA RMS noise
24-Hour Current Stability at ambient 25°C: 50-75 ppm

Supply Range: +3 to +12 V
Laser Diode Output Current: up to 1 A

Delay: 100 msec. After the delay, current will rise to the level dictated by the setpoint voltage. This delay ensures that all control electronics are functioning before current flows to the laser diode. The delay time is set with internal components.
Slow Start: 15 mA / msec
Rise / Fall times: 300 nsec (to full scale)

TTL Compatible RESET / ENABLE input is active LO.

Bandwidth: 500 kHz – Constant Current sine wave
Bandwidth: 100 kHz – Constant Current square wave

Brownout protection is provided if VDD drops below 2.7 V. In this case, the RESET circuit is triggered immediately (within 100 μsec) to reduce the current through the laser diode.

Maximum Power Dissipation (configured as single 500 mA driver): 4 W

Supply Range: +4.5 to +30 V
Temperature Control Output Current: up to ±2.2 A
Temperature Stability: 0.002°C (10 kΩ thermistor at 25°C) over one hour
Stability across ambient: 0.005°C (10 kΩ thermistor at 25°C) over an hour — Ideal for scanning applications

Setpoint vs. Actual Temperature Accuracy: less than 2 mV typical

-Heat and Cool Current Limits
-Default Setpoint: If external setpoint drops below 0.3 V, an onboard default circuit sets it to 1 V. [25°C with a 10 kΩ thermistor]
-PI controller
-Compatible with multiple sensors
-Adjustable sensor bias current optimizes sensor feedback voltage
-Can operate with unipolar current for Resistive Heaters

Maximum Power Dissipation: 9 W
Heatspreader Temperature Rise: 30°C / W without external heatsinking

Chassis Mount Module size: 60 x 74 x 30 mm

Top View of LDTC1020 or LDTC0520

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