Custom Butterfly Card for the LDMOUNT


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Use the LDMOUNT-CU Custom Butterfly Card with the LDMOUNT-5A laser diode mount if the standard butterfly wiring of Type 1 or Type 2 doesn’t match your laser diode. It allows you to configure the connections between any 14-pin butterfly package and the LDMOUNT D-sub connectors.

The Custom Butterfly Card requires you to hand solder connections with 22 AWG wire or smaller. As an example, the figure below shows a Custom Butterfly Card wired for a standard Type 1 Laser.

Custom Butterfly Card

Working down the left (blue) column of connections:

  • Therm- is connected to butterfly pin (BF) 5
  • Therm+ is connected to BF 2
  • BF 1 is connected to TEC+
  • BF13 is connected to LDA
  • BF10 is connected to LDA
  • BF 14 is connected to TEC-
  • PDA is connected to BF 3
  • PDC is connected to BF4

Working down the right (red) column of connections, the only connection that hasn’t already been described is:

  • BF 11 to LDC

Type 1 Updated

These connections match exactly the schematic for the standard Type 1 laser diode. For any given pinout of a butterfly package, the Custom Butterfly Card can be wired to match.

Free, effective, and responsive technical support is available to simplify integration of Wavelength products into your OEM design. Standard product can be easily modified to meet your application requirements.

The red lines connect all of the holes that are found on that line. For example, the TEC+ has four available connection holes (outlined by a green box to the left of the TEC+ label) that are all tied together. These four holes are also tied to the connection header on the left-hand side of the figure. This labeling/connection scheme, four connection holes outlined with green to the left of the label, is common for all available connections. In order to make the required connections, you must solder wires up to 22 gauge between the holes. It is recommended to use solid core wires when making connections.

Custom Butterfly Card Schematic:

Custom Butterfly Card Schematic:

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