Evaluation PCB for HTC Series Temperature Controllers


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Use the HTCEVAL Evaluation Board to rapidly prototype a complete temperature control system using the HTC1500-62, HTC3000-62, or HTC4000-62 Temperature Controllers. The HTCHTSK is included.

Onboard switches, connectors, and trimpots make configuration and operation simple. The HTC Temperature Controller is not included.

DVM cable ready test points monitor the setpoint and actual temperature. There is a main power switch with LED indicator. Another switch enables or disables output current. Power and load connections, inputs and monitors are on a terminal strip. A 2.5 mm jack is compatible with the power supplies: PWRPAK-5V (up to 6 A), PWRPAK-7V (up to 2.8 A), PWRPAK-9V (up to 3 A), or PWRPAK-12V (up to 2.5 A). DIP switches select current range, unipolar or bipolar operation, onboard or remote setpoint, and sensor bias currents. Onboard trimpots set proportional gain and setpoint.

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Size: 4.2 x 4.4 x 1.26″ (with HTC and heatsink installed)
107 x 112 x 32 mm
0.062″ PCB Thickness

Top View of HTCEVAL

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