WTCPOEM System Integration Board for WTCP5V5A


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Benefits & Features:
  • System Integration Board comes loaded to your exact specifications
  • Compact size
  • Immediate integration into your system

The WTCPOEM board condenses the adjustable functions of the WTCPEVAL board into a compact, fixed-value board, perfect for system integration. At 2.1″ x 2.0″, it includes a monitor/output connector, either a setpoint trimpot for a variable setpoint or a resistor pair for a fixed setpoint, resistors to set cooling and heating limits, and all the tuning parameters.

NOTE: The WTCPOEM does not include the WTCP5V5A module.

To order the raw board, select the Raw Board product option and Add to Cart.
To order the board loaded with values specific to your application, we need to build a Product Variation for you. If you know the PV#, select the Loaded Board product option, click Add to Cart and enter the number in the order comments. If not, go to the specifications tab to print out the questions we need answered to develop the Product Variation.

Free, effective, and responsive technical support is available to simplify integration of Wavelength products into your OEM design. Standard product can be easily modified to meet your application requirements.

To order the OEM board loaded with parts to fit your application, Wavelength Electronics will document the details under a Product Variation (PV) and you will reference the PV number in your order. Please provide the information in the table below to set up the PV. You can call our Technical Support Team or Send a PV Request email. To obtain this information, use the WTCPEVAL board in conjunction with your application or use Wavelength’s Component Configurator.

You will need the answers to the questions below when you talk to your sales representative.

Thermistor Resistance at 25°C
Upper Temperature Limit (°C)
Lower Temperature Limit (°C)
SET Point (°C)
SET Point format
For a variable setpoint, choose TRIMPOT.
If you want a fixed setpoint, choose RESISTOR.
If you will use an externally generated setpoint (i.e. DAC), choose EXTERNAL
If using an external SET Point,
do you need a 10 kΩ load resistor (R5)?
Cool Current Limit (A)
Heat Current Limit (A)
TE Voltage Limit (V)
Do you want a filter capacitor across the thermistor?    
Do you want pull-up resistors for the Output Enable or Controller Operate inputs?      
Do you want VDD_A tied to VDD_P?    
Do you want a ground connection to a mounting hole?
A resistor and a capacitor can be loaded to tie the lower right mounting hole to ground. Consider your system grounds, what ground loops might be introduced, and the effect on noise.
Do you want the board loaded with a WTCP5V5A?
If so, should the WTCP5V5A be soldered or socketed to the board?
Do you want a 14-pin header, terminal strip, or nothing loaded on the output connector vias?      

You will be assigned a Product Variation (PV) number that details your loading instructions. In your PO, include the PV number. For example, order WTCPOEM PV084 Rev ???.

WTCPOEM Schematic

Top View Component Locator:
Top View Component Locator


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