WCB315 LDMOUNT Cable for the TC LAB Series


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The WCB315 is a 36-inch cable used to connect the Output Connector of the TC5 LAB temperature control instrument, or the LD2TC5 LAB combination instrument to the TEC Connector of the LDMOUNT Butterfly Laser Diode Mount. This cable supports the TEC Interlock function (see the Specifications tab for supported TC LAB model revisions).

The LDMOUNT has a current limit of 5A. The TC15 LAB, the TC10 LAB or the LD5TC10 LAB can be used with the LDMOUNT as long as the current limit is set such that no more than 5A will be output to the LDMOUNT. Exceeding 5A can damage the LDMOUNT and laser.

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WCB315 Specs

The TC LAB Series can be used with the LDMOUNT 14-pin Butterfly Laser Diode Mount.  More recent revisions of the TC LAB have the current capacity to support the TEC Interlock function. The revision is labeled in the third character of the unit’s serial number (LAX123456789). Please see the table below to determine which cable is appropriate for the model of TC LAB being used.

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