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What is the shelf life of the thermal paste?

When using a PTC Temperature Controller, if I set the temperature set point below approximately 0.3 V, the setpoint always reverts to approximately 1.0 V. What is happening and how can I implement a set point voltage below 0.3 V?

What are the differences between the PTC Series Temperature Controllers and the MPT Series Temperature Controllers?

I’m unable to measure any voltage on the photodiode (PD) monitor output of my WLD3343, even when I increase the drive current to the limit. Do you have ideas for trouble-shooting?

I’m using the WLD3343 and the WLD3393 evaluation board, but my laser does not have a photodiode. How do I wire my laser to the WLD?

I need to drive approximately 4 A to my laser diode. Should I use the MPL7500 or the PLD5000?

I would like to run the Benchlink software on a 64-bit Windows OS, but it won’t install

When I open a datasheet or other download in PDF, there are corrupted characters in the file.
This is particularly noticeable when I print the document from the PDF. What’s wrong?

The temperature of my resistive heater is slow to stabilize and is not within specification.

How do I determine whether to operate in Constant Current (CC) or Constant Power (CP) mode?

How do Product Variations work?

What does the Compliance Voltage specification in temperature controllers mean?

How do I install a remote Enable/Disable Switching Circuit?

How do I wire a Nortel Laser with the anode externally grounded to the LDD Series driver and the HTC Series temperature controller?

What is the difference between the QCL OEM and the QCL OEM(+)?

How do I wire my Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL)?

What power supply should I use with the QCL OEM Driver?

The PLD current does not match my external setpoint. What can I do to fix it?

What is the best way to wire a resistive heater to my temperature controller to gain compliance voltage?

How do I modify the default remote SET T voltage in the PTCxx-CH?

The Status Byte Reporting Structure images in the Command Set document are missing lines when I print out the PDF.

How do I upgrade my QCL LAB firmware to use the TMC Command Set and LabVIEW Virtual Instrument?

My QCL LAB isn’t working with the Quick Connect Application (QCA). Why?

My QCL LAB isn’t working with the LabVIEW Virtual Instrument or the Command Set. Why?

How do I upgrade the firmware on my TC LAB instrument?