How do Product Variations work?


Often, a customer is price sensitive and wants the product delivered without the final cover. Or connectors instead of terminal strips. Or without potentiometers, just fixed resistors specific to their application. We accommodate these requests through the Product Variation system. You will be assigned a Product Variation number of the form PV###. The PV number will show on the sales order along with the standard product number. We develop an Assembly / Test document that details what needs to be different. This travels with the order through processing. The final product is engraved or labeled with the PV number and the lot number.

Other product variations have included adding wires where a potentiometer would be soldered so the customer could use a remote potentiometer mounted on a front panel. When a lower power laser diode must be upgraded to higher power, we can often modify an existing product to meet the increased current requirements, so the control PCB does not need to change. The PV can be as simple as changing the factory default settings to user defined limit and setpoint. We also install the electronics on custom baseplates.

We manufacture the products in house, so we have complete control over quality and schedule. If you’d like to streamline your assembly time or improve how the controller fits into your system, just talk to your account engineer.