How do I upgrade my QCL LAB firmware to use the TMC Command Set and LabVIEW Virtual Instrument?


Original QCL LAB instruments shipped with firmware version 0.79. These are compatible with Wavelength’s Quick Connect Application.

Firmware version 1.5 was released in January, 2017. This version supports remote operation using the Test and Measurement Class Command Set and a Labview Virtual Instrument, but is not compatible with the Quick Connect Application.

To determine which firmware version is installed on your instrument, with the rear and front panel power switches on, swipe the touchscreen from left to right to show the System Information screen.

If you are upgrading from version 0.79 to version 1.5+, all calibration and user data will be converted and saved. If you downgrade from version 1.5+ to version 0.79, all existing calibration data will be lost.

To update the instrument firmware:

  1. Turn the instrument completely off at both the front and rear panels.
  2. On the Wavelength website, download the ZIP file that is specific to your QCL Laboratory Series model and save the update file to a flash drive. The file is found here.
  3. Extract the file on the flash drive. It should contain the following files:
    NOTE: “QCLxx” is replaced with the instrument model number, such as QCL2000.
  4. Insert the flash drive into the front DATA port on the instrument. Turn rear panel power on. The update automatically begins installation.
  5. At the Apply the firmware screen, press Yes. The firmware update installs. Remove the flash drive.
  6. Once the update is complete, press OK and reboot the instrument by turning off the front and rear panel power buttons and turning them back on again.

Complete Command Set operating instructions can be found in the LAB Series Command Set document.

The LabVIEW application is available: LabVIEW Virtual Instrument application. Complete installation and operation instructions can be found in the Virtual Instrument Operating Guide.

Wavelength also offers custom Virtual Instrument applications tailored to your specific needs. Contact Technical Support for more information.