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I’m using the WLD3343 and the WLD3393 evaluation board, but my laser does not have a photodiode. How do I wire my laser to the WLD?


Since you are using the WLD3393 this will be pretty straightforward. Reference the WLD3343 Datasheet for more details on these instructions.

For the duration of the configuration, make sure that power is not applied to the WLD3393 and take all necessary ESD and static precautions.

First, make sure the laser type jumper setting is in the Type A/B position. Next make sure the control mode switch is set to Constant Current; since there is no photodiode in the laser, the Constant Power control mode is not available.

Finally, wire your laser diode to the WLD3393; the laser diode anode connects to Pin 1, and the cathode to Pin 2.