WLD33ND-HB 2.2 A Li+ Battery Laser Diode Driver

  • Operates with 3.6 V Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Small Size: 1.30" X 1.28" X 0.313"
  • Slow Start Laser Diode Protection
  • TTL Compatible Shutdown Pin
  • Adjustable Laser Diode Current Limit
  • Over temperature output shutdown
  • 14 pin DIP PCB mount
  • Up to 2.2 A CW laser diode current
  • Noise & Ripple: 22 µA
  • Constant Current or Constant Power Mode
  • Bandwidth 2 MHz (CC, sine wave)

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The WLD33ND-HB is a general purpose laser diode driver that maintains precision laser diode current (Constant Current mode) or stable photodiode current (Constant Power mode) using electronics that are compatible with any laser diode type. It delays and slowly ramps the current for maximum protection. Supply up to 2.2 A of current to your laser diode from a single supply (+3.3 V to +6 V). The WLD33ND-B is compatible with Lithium-Ion batteries. For higher compliance voltage, the WLD33ND operates from +5 V to +12 V.

An internal thermostat shuts down the WLD safely if the device temperature exceeds 105°C. Remotely enable or disable current. Zero leakage current makes it perfect for VCSELs. Current range is scaled by an external resistor.

For 3 A operation, the WLD33ND-3A is available. To drive with lower noise in Constant Current Mode only, the WLD33ND-2L and WLD33ND-3L drive up to 2 A and 3 A respectively. A circuit calculator tool speeds selection of external component values (see Design Tools tab). An evaluation board is available to simplify prototyping: WLD33ND-EV. Heatsinking solutions to use the WLD3343HB at full current are available.

This laser diode driver is ideal for applications where space is tight. It is widely used in electro-optic qualificationRaman spectroscopy, medical diagnostic equipment, range finders, eye-safe atmospheric lidar and on research benches.

Free, effective, and responsive technical support is available to simplify integration of Wavelength products into your OEM design. Standard product can be easily modified to meet your application requirements.

1-Hour Current Stability at ambient 25°C: 200 ppm

Supply Range: +3.3 to +6 V

Package: 14 pin DIP PCB mount (33 x 32 x 8 mm)

Laser Diode Output Current: up to 2.2 A

Delay: 240 msec.
Current Ramp: 10 msec
Rise time: 100 nsec
Fall time: 200 nsec
Noise: 22 µA (100 mA, 100 kHz)

TTL Compatible RESET / ENABLE input is active LO.

Bandwidth: 2 MHz – Constant Current sine wave

Maximum Power Dissipation 9 W (with full thermal kit)

Heatspreader Temperature Rise: 30°C / W without external heatsinking

Circuit Diagram Example: WLD33ND in Constant Current mode with a Type A/B Laser Diode (Top View)


WEV300WEV300 Thermal Solution Kit$23
WEV301WEV301 Thermal Solution Kit with +5 V Fan$48
WEV302WEV302 Thermal Solution Kit with +12 V Fan$48


WLD33ND-EVEvaluation PCB for WLD33ND Laser Diode Driver$150
WHS302WHS302 Heatsink for WXX Controllers$15
WTW002WTW002 Thermal Washer for Wxx Controllers$3
WXC303WXC303 +5 V Fan$31
WXC304WXC304 +12 V Fan$31
WXC305WXC305 Screw Kit$6

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