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What are the differences between a wavelength meter and a spectrometer?

What is Intelligent Autotune?

When should I use Setpoint Response mode?

What effect does the D term have on system response?

How can I reduce time to temperature with the TC LAB Series instruments?

When should I use Disturbance Rejection mode with the TC LAB Series instruments?

How does the stability of the TC LAB instrument compare with the competition?

I ran a temperature scan with STABLE Scanning on. When I look at the data, it seems as though the instrument was taking data at points above and/or below the intended temperature. Why?

What software can I use for mechanical downloads?

What types of different wavelength meters are available and what are their accuracies?

How can I get better stability on a very fast load after running IntelliTune®?

What are some important parameters to consider before purchasing a product?

How is the PTC10K-SL different from the PTC10K-CH?

How does grounding the thermoelectric cooler cable on temperature controllers affect the noise level?

Which Wavelength products are best for superluminescent diodes?

What are some important features of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers, and what Wavelength products can be used to drive them?

What characteristics do Interband Cascade Lasers have, and what are appropriate Wavelength Electronics drivers for them?

How are diode lasers used in materials processing, and what Wavelength Electronics drivers can be used for this application?

Can I use the low-noise QCL LAB drivers for a non-QCL laser (for example, a blue or green laser diode)?

At what temperature, and for how long can I solder the pins on the WLD, WTC, WTCP, and WHY products?

Are the WLD, WTC, WTCP, and WHY products washable?

How do I connect multiple drivers or controllers to a single power supply?