Can I use the low-noise QCL LAB drivers for a non-QCL laser (for example, a blue or green laser diode)?


Yes, the QCL LAB drivers may be used to drive certain higher voltage laser diodes that have greater than 4 V forward voltage requirements. The QCL LAB acts as a controlled current sink, meaning that the anode of the laser diode will be held at a ground potential, while the cathode is then a negative voltage. The laser diode cathode must not be connected to case or earth ground, otherwise there will be a load short.

The QCL LAB drivers are available with output currents from 500 mA to 2 A. The compliance voltage ranges from 10 to 20 V and is adjustable from the front panel. It is recommended to operate at the lowest voltage possible to minimize the internal temperature of the QCL LAB. If the internal temperature reaches an unsafe level, the instrument will disable output.

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