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How are diode lasers used in materials processing, and what Wavelength Electronics drivers can be used for this application?


Diode lasers are used for materials processing tasks such as cutting, welding, marking, hardening, soldering, and brazing among others. Given the relatively low maximum power of an individual laser diode, the use of bars (1-dimensional array of emitters) and stacks (2-dimensional array of emitters) combined into a single beam is a common method of increasing the overall output power of the materials processing system.

The LDxCHA Series of laser diode drivers were designed with materials processing applications in mind. These models have current outputs up to 15 A and up to 28 V available to the laser from a single driver. They can be configured for low-voltage operation using a single power supply, or for high-voltage operation using dual supply wiring.

All LDxCHA drivers come with an adjustable clipping current limit, which will keep the output from exceeding the user-defined limit, even if modulating. Both the laser current limit and laser current setpoint can be configured prior to enabling output, ensuring operation at only the desired parameters occurs. Slow-start delay is CDRH-compliant. After this delay, a 20 ms ramp of the current occurs to prevent thermal shock of electrical components.