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How is the PTC10K-SL different from the PTC10K-CH?


The PTC10K-SL is a specially designed “booster” unit for the PTC10K-CH. By using the two products in a master/booster configuration, the maximum output current doubles to ±20 Amps.

To double the output current, the configuration requires a master (PTC10K-CH) unit and a booster
(PTC10K-SL) unit. The master unit cannot be used as a booster. The booster is not designed for standalone operation.

Without the “master” control portions of the unit installed, the PTC10K-SL provides a lower-cost solution for applications where a higher current output is required.

The PTC10K-SL does NOT have the following parts installed:

  • J1 connector (includes Sensor+ and Sensor- connections)
  • J3 connector (includes connections for Enable, Common, Act T Mon, Set T Mon, Common, Ext T Set)
  • Output Enabled LED
  • Temp Set Trimpot
  • PGAIN Trimpot

The PTC-10K-SL units can be identified on the cover by the serial number found underneath PTC10K-CH. “SL” will always begin the serial number on the booster units.

Figure 1 — Image of the PTC10K-SL, with changes from PTC10K-CH highlighted.

The WCB501 cable connects the PTC10K-SL to the PTC10K-CH.

For more technical details, see the PTCxK-CH datasheet.

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