MPL2500 2.5A Laser Diode Driver

  • Low Noise - up to 2.5 A LD current
  • Operates all LD / PD pin configurations
  • Single supply operation: +12 to +15 V
  • Slow Start & Current Limit Protection
  • Mechanical Relay Protection
  • RMS Noise and Ripple: < 10 μA
  • 24 hour Current Stability: < 75 ppm
  • Constant Current or Constant Power Mode
  • Onboard setpoint and limit controls
  • Size: 3.55 x 3.5 x 1" chassis mount

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The MPL2500 is a very low noise laser diode driver. It operates from +12 to +15 V and is very easy to set up for any laser diode / photodiode configuration. Cabling to the female Dsub15 connector is available: WCB102. For evaluating the unit on a benchtop, the MULTI-HTSK, multipurpose heatsink is available. Higher efficiency laser diode drive is available in pcb mount packages: PLD1250 (1.25 A), PLD5000 (5 A), PLD6500 (6.5 A), PLD10000 (10 A), PLD12500 (12.5 A), or in chassis mount packages: PLD5K-CH (5 A), PLD10K-CH (10 A), or PLD12.5K-CH (12.5 A).

The MPL has two photodiode ranges that provide variable sensitivities for optimum operation. You can maintain excellent stabilty when operating in both constant current and constant power mode. Setpoint and current limit trimpots are easilly accessible and offer precision control. A slow start circuit, mechanical shorting relay, and current limit offer maximum protection for your laser diode even when power is removed. The level of current set by the current limit is always drawn from the DC power supply.

The MPL2500 is used in electro-optical equipment.

Free, effective, and responsive technical support is available to simplify integration of Wavelength products into your OEM design. Standard product can be easily modified to meet your application requirements.

Noise and Ripple: less than 10 µA
Long-term Current Stability at ambient 25°C: less than 75 ppm

Supply Range: +12 to +15 V

PCB mount package size: 90 x 89 x 25 mm

Delay: 2-3 sec. After the delay, current will rise to the level dictated by the setpoint voltage. This delay ensures that all control electronics are functioning before current flows to the laser diode. The delay time is set with internal components.
Current Ramp: 500 msec to full scale
Rise / Fall times: 250 μsec (to full scale) / 300 μsec

Remote Enable: The laser current is enabled if this input is +3 V to V+. The current is disabled if the input is grounded or floating. This input is called LD ENABLE (Pin 10).

Bandwidth: 1.4 kHz (CC). Bandwidth in Constant Power mode will depend on photodiode response.

Maximum Power Dissipation: 40 W

Front View of MPL Laser Diode Driver

Front View of MPL Laser Diode Driver

Circuit Diagram of MPL Laser Diode Driver

Circuit Diagram of MPL Laser Diode Driver


CKL-103CKL-103 (DB15M) Connector Kit for MPL$20
WCB102WCB102 MPL Cable, DB15M / Unterminated$120
THERM-PSTThermal Paste$19
MULTI-HTSKMULTI-HTSK Multi-Product Heat Sink$57

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