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What are the dimensions of your thermistors?


The standard bead head thermistors consist of the head and two leads. The bead head is roughly oval in shape and is about 2 mm wide by 3 mm long. The wire leads are 30 AWG, insulated wire. There are dimension drawings of the thermistors for each model on the product data sheet for the specific thermistor of interest. The 10 kΩ, standard bead head for instance can be found at TCS610 datasheet.

The TCS10K5 is a micro-sized thermistor whose cylindrical head measures approximately 0.5 mm in diameter by 3.17 mm in length. The wire leads are 38 AWG wire and are about 76.2 mm in length. The nickel bifilar leads are insulated except for the final 5.08 mm. The datasheet for the TCS10K5 can be downloaded from the following address:
TCS10K5 datasheet