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We operate a WLD and a WTC together from one power supply and want to build this in series and need to specify the power supply:

  1. What stability of the power supply is necessary, what ripple is allowed?
  2. Do you have any kind of overload protection?
  3. Would it do any harm to have a capacitor (i.e. 470 pF) in parallel to the laser diode?


  1. Power supply recommendations for low noise operation: < 5 mV p-p noise & ripple.
  2. Rev C of the WLD does not have overload protection. The WTC does not have overload protection. On the WLD, Rev D adds an internal thermostat that shuts down the output if the WLD heats over 105°C. It will slow-start the laser diode when the temperature then drops to 95°C.
  3. The laser diode has a capacitance that varies with operating level. This capacitance in parallel with the 470 pF can introduce instabilities.

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