January 11, 2013

Visit Wavelength Electronics at booth #2400 South Hall.


Pulse-Width Modulation Temperature Control
The brand new WTCP5V5A Temperature Controller delivers all the advantages of Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) control in a PCB-mounted package. The WTCP is compact and efficient, and usually does not require any additional heatsinking, even when operated at full output current of 5 A. The WTCP temperature controller is perfectly suited for applications requiring high efficiency, low power dissipation, and high stability. Portable, airborne, and other space-constrained temperature control applications are ideal places to use the WTCP.


Computer Control for Your Wavelength Laser Drivers and Temperature Controllers — Now with 64-bit Compatibility
Expand the capabilities of your Wavelength controllers with the USBKIT and QuickConnect™ software. The USBKIT provides convenient computer control of most Wavelength chassis mount controllers and evaluation boards at a surprisingly low price. The software provides an intuitive virtual control panel that allows you to leverage the low-noise, high-stability laser diode and temperature control capabilities of Wavelength’s components to save time and money. The QuickConnect™ software is easily loaded onto your computer with the automated installer, and is compatible with x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) PCs.


FL519FL — The Full-Featured FL500 Evaluation Board
The FL591FL is the evaluation board for the FL500 dual-channel laser diode driver. The FL591FL features low-noise electronics and low quiescent current, and the feedback and monitor signals allow you to accurately characterize the FL500. You can transfer the FL500 prototype configuration directly to your custom laser control system with no surprises. The FL591FL can be configured to drive a single 500 mA output, or two 250 mA independent outputs by setting onboard jumpers. The FL591FL also allows the FL500 to be configured to operate in Constant Power or Constant Current mode. Because of it’s compact size and light weight the FL500 is commonly used in hand-held, portable, space-constrained, and airborne applications. The dual-channel output is idea for sighting-and-detection applications. The FL591FL makes prototyping the FL500 a snap.

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