November 4, 2019

The LDTC LAB series instruments combine best-in-class low noise, high-end digital control laser diode driver technology with an IntelliTune® smart temperature controller. If you need stable wavelength, stable temperature, stable laser diode current or power, or low noise, these offer the best performance and value.

Two models are available, the LD2TC5 LAB and the LD5TC10 LAB. The LD2TC5 LAB outputs up to 2 and 5 A for the laser and thermoelectric, respectively. The LD5TC10 LAB outputs up to 5 and 10 A. Both models offer 10 V of laser compliance voltage and 15 V of thermoelectric compliance voltage.

The intuitive touchscreen interface and IntelliTune® PID control algorithm simplify precision operation.


  • Low Noise for Narrow Linewidth

  • High Temperature Stability for Stable Wavelength

  • High Laser Current Stability for Repeatable Scans

  • Temperature stability better than 0.0009°C

  • Laser cumulative current noise of 7 μA RMS

  • Noise current density 30 nA/√Hz

  • CC mode bandwidth of 450 kHz

  • The touch-screen interface makes operation intuitive and simple.

  • Load failure protection

  • Over- and under-temperature limits on the load

  • Current/voltage limits for both TEC and laser

  • Automatic laser shutdown upon TEC error available

  • Supports A, B and C type lasers

  • Compatible with most temperature sensors

Dual Monitor Screen

Laser Control Screen

Temperature Control Screen

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