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We have a requirement for the WLD laser diode driver for +5 V or +12 VDC operation. Can it be used for driving a 4 W CW laser diode whose threshold current is 1.5 A? The diode is to be operated in common cathode configuration.


The best way to answer this question is to direct you to the WLD3343 datasheet or WLD33ND datasheet and the Safe Operating Area Calculator. These tools will help you to determine if the WLD3343 will safely drive your laser.

First you’ll need to know the V/I curve for your laser, and the voltage drop at 1.5 A drive current. Then check the specifications table in the WLD3343 datasheet or WLD33ND datasheet to verify that the WLD has sufficient compliance voltage to drive 1.2 A to your laser.

Next, the Safe Operating Area Calculator will tell you if the WLD will safely drive your laser by considering power supply voltage, load voltage, drive current, and internal power dissipation. If these criteria check out, then the WLD is a good choice for your application.

If the WLD is not a good fit for your requirements, you might consider the PLD5000. Feel free to call our experienced Sales Engineers at any time if you need help selecting the right laser driver.

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