Thanks to all who showed up to explore new developments at Photonics West. It was good to talk face-to-face with so many long time clients. New products for Wavelength include:

* OEM, PCB-only version QCL driver
* Beta release WTCP PWM controller
* Smaller PLD10000 & PLD12500
* Resistive Heater Controller RHM5K
FL591 onboard setpoint LD control
Labview modules for WTC, WLD,


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With the introduction of our patented, low-noise QCL controller, new levels of sensitivity became possible. At these low levels, other sources of electronic noise in QCL systems were exposed. We worked with customers across the world resolving ground loops, eliminating radiated noise from power supplies or radio stations, and ensuring that the remote setpoint signal generator was not contributing noise. Our collaborations led to the creation of Application Note AN-LD09: Troubleshooting Low Noise Systems. This details many of the common sources of electronic noise and offers solutions to eliminate them.

The HTC3000 3 Amp temperature controller and PLD5000 5 Amp laser diode driver are often used in medical systems where precision laser wavelength is essential for operation. When one of our customers’ systems evolved to use a more powerful laser, they asked if we could maintain the same packaging, but increase current levels on both controllers. In response, we developed the HTC4000 4 Amp temperature controller and the PLD6500 6.5 Amp laser diode driver. Both fit in the same space and have the same pinout as their smaller counterparts and saved our customer from a circuit redesign cycle. Contact Wavelength’s Technical Support if you have a similar issue.

The new WTCP PWM Temperature Controller is now available for Beta release. This 5A, 5V thermoelectric controller combines high efficiency Pulse-Width Modulated (PWM) control with excellent temperature stability, rivaling that of our linear controllers. Portable, airborne, and other space- and time-constrained temperature control applications are ideal places to use the WTCP. If you would like to try out this controller and give us feedback, contact Technical Support for more information.

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