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We’ll have the LDTC LAB Series Combination Laser Diode & Temperature Control Instrument available for inspection.  The LDTC LAB series instruments combine best-in-class low noise, high-end digital control laser diode driver technology with an IntelliTune® smart temperature controller. If you need stable wavelength, stable temperature, stable laser diode current or power, or low noise, these offer the best performance and value.

We will also have all currently available temperature controllers, quantum cascade and diode laser drivers on display. Come see small modules and our LAB series of touchscreen instruments.

Our team of engineers would love the opportunity to talk with you about your application. If you’d like us to look more in-depth at your project…

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SPIE Photonics West 2020

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VIDEO: LDxCHA Series Laser Diode Driver Quick Start

This video describes how to quickly set up the LDxCHA Series of laser diode drivers. The LDxCHA delivers low noise and reliable stability in applications such as materials processing, industrial laser cutting, and laser diode bars/stacks.

The LDxCHA is available in 2.5A, 5A, 10A and 15A models.  It provides up to 28V to the laser in dual supply mode with RMS noise current as low as 7 μA at 100 kHz and 280 kHz to 1 MHz constant current bandwidth.

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Researchers have developed a new method to better model human stroke which uses artery-targeted photothrombosis. This model limits laser illumination to specific arterial branches of the cortical surface to induce less damage to surrounding tissue by controlling stability of laser output and minimizing infarct variations. Artery-targeted photothrombosis shows a clear improvement on traditional methods by creating a larger penumbra for a longer amount of time while maintaining the practical results of the traditional model.

The LDD400-1P provided up to 400 mA of current to the laser with noise as low as 5 μA. Laser power stability was crucial in controlling the results and minimizing variability between test subjects regarding infarct size. Because wavelength has been determined to greatly impact the penetration depth of the illumination and noise was the ultimate factor in spatial and temporal resolutions of imaging, the LDD400-1P was the optimal choice to reduce all factors hindering the previous methods/results.

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In this video, we simulate controlling laser current and temperature for a spectroscopy application using the LDTC LAB instrument. Embedded with the laser is a thermoelectric with a maximum current of 2A and a 10kΩ thermistor.

The LD2TC5 LAB provides 2A to the laser and 5A to the TEC, while the LD5TC10 provides 5A and 10A.  Compliance voltage is 10V to the laser and 15V to the TEC for both models.  The units offer temperature stability better than 0.0009°C, laser cumulative current noise of 7 μA RMS, and modulation input bandwidth of 450 kHz in Constant Current mode.  IntelliTune PID control and an intuitive touchscreen interface make laser control simple.

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This application note covers introductory topics on photodiodes such as: what is a photodiode, PD performance specifications, types of photodiodes, modes of operation, and integrating the photodiode with a laser.

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