As part of our commitment to superior technical support, we have released two new videos.

These Quick Start videos give hands-on advice for operating the QCL LAB instrument and configuring the WTCP PWM Temperature Controller Evaluation Board.  Development was guided by our Technical Support Engineers, so the videos cover all of the most frequently asked questions during start up.

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To see how easy it is to operate the low noise QCL LAB instrument with its touchscreen interface, click here.

To see how to optimize the WTCP PWM Temperature Controller for your load, click here.

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We are frequently asked which manufacturer’s laser diode is best used for a particular application. There is a new tool on the internet that helps answer that question.

We have found Laser Diode Source has a very comprehensive listing of laser diodes and quantum cascade lasers, which can be sorted by wavelength, power, application, manufacturer, or technology.

From their home page: “Laser Diode Source is an open crowdsourced network where laser diode buyers, users, and suppliers connect. Our users and suppliers upload data sheets and information for the products and brands they use and recommend. We organize this data to help you select the best laser diode.”

The low noise QCL OEM driver can be purchased without any of the external packaging — heatsink, mounting plate, and covers.

The QCL OEM integrated heatsink was designed to support robust operation at 50°C and 2 Amps, with a low voltage QCL.  It may be larger than needed for your final system, so this Product Variation lets you shrink the controller footprint.

Mount the output stage parts and temperature sensor to a heatsink of your design. Support the PCB with your system hardware.

Request PV076 with specific instructions for your application.

Do you purchase one of our PCB-mount drivers or controllers and then have to solder it on yourself?

We have established IPC Class 3 manufacturing capabilities at our facility.  We can load other surface-mount or plate-through components on your PCB and simplify your assembly.

Do you need the base electronics installed on a different mounting plate?  We can do mechanical assembly as well.

What would ordering your final assembly from us save you in time, shipping and headaches?  Contact Technical Support for a contract manufacturing quotation.

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