Designing a thermoelectric-cooler based thermal control system is complicated, and all the components have to be well matched in order for the system to work under a wide range of conditions. If it’s done incorrectly, the load could easily be damaged or destroyed. Our Application Note AN-TC09 details the design process, and includes a simple model that can be used for first-order design of a robust thermoelectric-based thermal control system.


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The Safe Operating Area (SOA) is a term that is familiar to circuit designers who use power semiconductors; the SOA chart is used to ensure the device will operate within the design limits. The SOA also applies to Wavelength laser drivers and temperature controllers, as well. Application Note AN-LDTC01 explains the principles behind the SOA, how to use the SOA calculator, and how to interpret the results.

Noise current is a critical specification for a laser driver, and sometimes the manufacturer’s numbers can be ambiguous or difficult to understand. Before you buy a laser driver, it’s important to know how the manufacturer measures noise current, and what their specification really means. Our Application Note TN-LD02 explains exactly how we measure noise on our QCL driver, and how to interpret the noise data graphs.

We have complete control over all our products because we design and build them in-house. When one customer asked us to add current setpoint trimpots to the FL591FL evaluation board, we initiated our Product Variation (PV) process, a method we use to modify a product to satisfy a unique customer demand. PVs cover a wide range of products and modifications, and some PVs are incorporated as permanent design changes. Contact the Sales department to find out how a PV might help you streamline your product development process.

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