January 19, 2015

Low Noise QCL Driver Laboratory Series Instrument

The QCL Driver Laboratory Series Instrument is now available.
Electronic noise from Quantum Cascade Laser drivers has long limited the detection threshold of chemical sensors. No longer. Patented1 low noise technology is now available to both researchers and developers. Wavelength Electronics introduces the QCL LAB family of instruments that couple an intuitive touchscreen display with low noise drive electronics that have a proven track record of dropping detection thresholds up to an order of magnitude. 1Covered by U.S. Patents 6,696,887; 6,867,644 and 7,176,755. Licensed from Battelle Memorial Institute.

Product Demonstration: Low Noise QCL Driver Instrument Operation and Applications

Wavelength CEO Mary Johnson will present a product demonstration of the new low noise QCL driver instrument on Tuesday, 10 February 2015 at 10:30 AM in Demo Area 1 (Hall ABC South). Learn about our new low noise QCL driver instrument, including operation, features, and best-fit applications. The only driver licensed to use patented high precision QCL current control technology.

Meet the Applications Engineers

Joe McDonald is a graduate of Idaho State University with a degree in Laser Electronics/Optics. For 18 years he has worked with electro-optics for a variety of applications, and been involved with all aspects of production — manufacturing, sales, customer service, training and technical documentation. If you have product or technical questions, he’s confident that he can provide the support you need!

Dirk Restvedt is an honor graduate of DeVry University, Phoenix Arizona, with a degree in electronics and computer science. He brings 20+ years’ experience in semiconductor laser related industries to Wavelength Customer Support. He has been a factory trainer and field service technician for clients such as: Intel, 3M, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Fujitsu, Northrup, Lockheed Martin, NASA. With 18 years’ experience in technical support administration, customer service and customer training curriculum development, you know he will have a clear, thoughtful answer to any support questions you might have.

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