November 17, 2023

Wavelength Electronics Celebrates 30 Years

Wavelength Electronics turned 30 in October! Since 1993, Wavelength Electronics has solved electronics problems in photonics systems from our factory in Bozeman, Montana. We started with driving laser diodes and controlling their temperatures. Our first products were OEM modules and components that laser engineers could design into their own systems. The vision was to provide benchtop instrument performance in a small package.

We’ve maintained our focus on LD safety and evolved to offering only high-performance solutions – very stable current, very low noise, very stable wavelength through temperature stabilities limited only by sensor precision.

We’re committed to researching new technologies as they emerge, and constantly expanding our capabilities. At present, our CW laser diode drivers can modulate in the MHz range. We can scale the output currents to support VCSELs at the low end and pump diodes at the high end. Our temperature controllers easily achieve mK stability – regardless of environmental conditions. We offer both linear and higher efficiency PWM output stages.

We have chosen to focus on high performance. Our customers leverage our expertise to gain a competitive advantage and develop solutions that significantly improve lives.

We believe a design is only finished when it can be manufactured repeatedly with high yield. In addition to our knowledge of circuitry, we researched best-in-class electronics manufacturing practices. We’ve invested in automated production equipment – two SMT lines, a selective solder, AOI. We’ve developed procedures and protocols in our Quality System to consistently achieve a return rate of less than 0.1%. From our humble beginnings with plate-through resistors, we’ve embraced building with the smallest of SMT components – 0201s, BGAs. We also offer our assembly services to local companies. Our team members pride themselves on finding improvements, integrating new technologies, and contributing to our clients’ success.

Where are we going? Eventually we will be able to drive any semiconductor laser made in all operating modes.

For now, we are introducing Custom Engineering Services. Custom circuit designs that perfectly fit the system need – multiple channels, compact size, any combination of form fit and function. Learn More.

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