January 15, 2009

SMT Made Easier and More Efficient with OEM Package Upgrade

The low noise FL500 Laser Diode Driver was recently re-engineered to integrate with higher temperature RoHS-compliant manufacturing processes. It is now compatible with reflow processing less than 250°C.

This surface mount chip is ideal for OEM instrumentation. It offers exceptionally low noise laser diode control that can be configured either as two independent 250mA drivers or a single 500mA driver. The FL500 can run on a +3V Lithium-ion battery or up to a +12V power supply. Small size, low noise and modest power requirements make it the choice for handheld precision laser instrumentation.

Wavelength Electronics is committed to state-of-the-art, reliable quality manufacturing, both for our own products and for the OEM customers we support. Manufacturing processes, inspection criteria and equipment are established with quality the foremost goal. In addition, efficiency is paramount to minimize production costs – savings we pass on to our customers. Our on-time delivery is 99%.

Wavelength Electronics has simplified advanced laser diode drive and thermal control technology for OEM and research applications since 1993. Our high performance specifications are supported by a team of experienced sales and design engineers and a top-notch manufacturing facility. Evaluation quantities are typically available from stock.

To learn more about the FL500 and Wavelength’s complete line of high-precision, low-noise, ultra-stable laser diode drivers and temperature controllers, call 406-587-4910 or email sales@teamwavelength.com.

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