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WTW002 Thermal Washer for Wxx Controllers

  RoHS Compliant RoHS Compliant RoHS Compliant
Can be used with:
LDTC Series Open Frame 2.2 A Controller
WHY5640 2.2 A Temperature Controller
WLD3343 2.2 A Laser Diode Driver
WLD3343 2.2 A Lower Noise LD Driver
WLD3343 3 A Laser Diode Driver
WLD3343 3 A Lower Noise LD Driver
WLD3343HB 2.2A Li+ Battery LD Driver
WTC3243 2.2 A Temperature Controller
WTC3243HB 2.2 A Temp Control (Li+ batt)
WTCP 5 A,5 V PWM Temp Controller
WTW002 Thermal Washer for Wxx Controllers
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Technical detail about product Datasheet
The WTW002 is a thermal washer designed to go between the WHS302 heatsink and one of the WTCP5V5A, WTC3243, WTC3243HB, or WHY5640 temperature controllers, or the WLD3343, WLD3343-2L, WLD3343-3A, WLD3343-3L or WLD3343HB laser diode drivers. The WTW002 thermal washer is made of a non-silicone, flexible graphite material, and does not break down or out-gas under high heat conditions. One side has adhesive. We recommend that you install the adhesive side to the heatsink.

The controllers operate to 500 mA without any additional heatsinking (assuming 5 V operation). To operate up to 1 A, add the WTW002 thermal washer and the WHS302 heatsink. To operate to the full 2.2 A, add a fan WXC303 (5 V) or WXC304 (12 V). For convenience, a kit with two 0.75" and two 1" screws is available: WXC305.

Kits combine these elements: WEV300 (includes thermal washer, heatsink and screw kit), WEV301 (includes thermal washer, heatsink, screw kit, and a +5 V fan) or WEV302 (includes thermal washer, heatsink, screw kit, and a +12 V fan).

The prior revision of the thermal washer was an alumina-silicone-fiberglass composite and pale gray. Click here for the datasheet for that revision.

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