September 27, 2011

Leverage your low-noise, high-stability Wavelength Electronics control system with the budget-friendly USBKIT interface board and software package. The QuickConnectâ„¢ virtual control panel provides out-of-the-box functionality. The strip chart graphs show real-time laser system status and selected raw data can be saved to a text file. The bus-powered USB 2.0 interface board is easily wired using onboard screw terminals.

One laser diode driver and one temperature controller can be simultaneously operated with the USBKIT. Multiple USBKITs can be attached to the same computer, allowing for control of complex systems.

  • Hardware includes D/A for remote setpoint control & A/Ds for monitoring actual temperature or laser diode current.
  • Software includes control of one laser diode driver, one temperature controller, an auxiliary monitor, and full graphing and datalogging.
  • Setup configuration can be saved for repeatable experiments or manufacturing testing.

The QuickConnect software includes a wiring diagram for the Wavelength module to be controlled, making set-up a snap. Using the full-featured graphic user interface (GUI) you can set the desired setpoint voltage for your temperature sensor as a voltage or a temperature in degrees Celsius. For a laser diode, the setpoint can measure laser diode current (constant current mode) or photodiode current (constant power mode). Maximum and Minimum Temperature Limits can be established, as well as whether Laser Diode Current is disabled if temperature limits are exceeded.

Depending on the sensor selected, several GUI tools are included to aid the Resistance / Temperature pair calculation for Steinhart-Hart and Callender/Van Dusen equations or to convert the measured sensor voltage to temperature using slope-intercept linear calculation.

Graphing: Two strip charts graph data as a function of time. Raw voltages, as well as translated current and temperature values are listed. The top graph is associated with data from the Temperature Controller. The lower graph is associated with data from the Laser Diode Controller. Auxiliary Monitors can be associated with either graph. The Measurement Period, which determines how frequently data is acquired, can be set between 100 msec and 10 seconds.

If your application requires additional functionality, program customization is available.

Wavelength Electronics has simplified advanced laser diode drive and thermal control technology for OEM and research applications since 1993. Our high performance specifications are supported by a team of experienced sales and design engineers and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

To learn more about the USBKIT and Wavelength’s complete line of high precision, low-noise, ultra-stable laser diode drivers and temperature controllers call 406-587-4910 or visit us at Evaluation units are available from stock.

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