July 20, 2012

12.5 A Laser Diode Driver with Improved Heat Dissipation

These high current PLD drivers couple the high-reliability architecture of Wavelength Electronics’ lower-current PLD Series with a robust high-current output stage.

To speed product development, the PLD10EV Evaluation Board can be configured within minutes to take full advantage of the versatility and functionality offered by the PLD10000 and PLD12500 drivers.

The PLD10000 and PLD12500 can drive lasers with compliance voltage as high as 27.5 V, and both include laser safety features designed to protect your laser investment and enhance system reliability:

  • Remote enable can be tied to a safety interlock and a temperature controller, such as Wavelength’s PTC Series.
  • Built-in constant current and constant power operating modes minimize your electronics overhead.
  • On-board controls mean quick and easy driver setup.
  • Analog setpoint input gives you remote external control of the laser current and modulation.
  • Latching current limit safely switches off output if current limit is reached.
  • Slow start and current ramp protect the laser during operation.
  • Mechanical shorting relay protects the laser while the driver is powered off.

Tens of thousands of PLD drivers are deployed in laser systems around the world, proving beyond doubt the reliability and stability of the design. PLD Series drivers are found in fiber laser pumping, materials processing, pyrotechnic ignition, industrial welding and cutting applications, and laser diode LIV testers.

Call or email Wavelength Electronics to find out how the PLD10000 or PLD12500 can enhance your laser control system.

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