January 17, 2017

Come visit us at booth #908 at Photonics West January 31 to Feb 2 in San Francisco. We‘ll have several instruments operating so you can experience the touchscreen interface and see how simple operation can be!


QCL LAB low noise Quantum Cascade Laser drivers (up to 2A 0.4nA / √Hz noise floor) now are TMC class and we’ve released a Labview Virtual Instrument and full Command set. See how to get your free firmware upgrade.
 TC LAB Temperature Control instruments (5A & 10A; 15V) with IntelliTune: Intelligent Autotune. With one quick scan, your thermoelectric stays optimally controlled even if you change setpoint or tuning mode.
QCL + PTC OEM current and temperature control for a Quantum Cascade Laser.
In one compact package, QCL10PTC10, you get safe, low noise control of a 1A Quantum Cascade Laser (0.5µA RMS to 100kHz), and up to 10A of precision temperature control with stability better than 0.0012°C.
Our team of engineers would love the opportunity to talk with you about your application. Feel free to make an appointment ahead of time if you’d like to look more in-depth at your project.

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