December 10, 2008

For over ten years, Wavelength Electronics has attended Photonics West, the premiere photonics conference and manufacturer showcase. 2009 will be no exception. Visit the Wavelength Electronics booth for product introductions, hands on demonstration of several upgraded models, general information, and expert technical advice on maximizing Wavelength product performance in your specific application.

The new PTC-CH Series Temperature Controllers will be introduced at Photonics West 2009. This robust precision temperature controller is available in 2.5A, 5A, and 10A models. Designed to complement the PLD-CH Series Laser Diode Drivers, it shares a small, low line footprint and compatible controls. It is also ideal for higher current temperature control applications that may not involve lasers.

The FL593FL USB Laser Diode Driver brings multiple laser diodes under USB control. The intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) allows each unit to be programmed and tracked individually. Operating parameters can be set through the computer GUI and are maintained when the unit is operating standalone, making the FL593FL ideal for burn-in test and L-I characterization systems. This interface allows data acquisition to file, which can then be manipulated in an external program for performance analysis and reporting. The FL593FL will be demonstrated at Photonics West – experience the ease of remote control.

In 2008, Wavelength Electronics engineers did substantial research to increase the stability of the LDTC2/2 and to improve the temperature stability of the WTC3243 as the load is scanned through ambient temperature. The results were upgraded units with even better performance and reliability. Come see the outcome of our continuous improvement projects.

In addition, Wavelength strives to make incorporation of our products into OEM designs easy and flawless. With this in mind, the FL500 was recently re-engineered to allow it to withstand lead-free reflow temperatures.

Our Applications Engineers will be present to answer questions about the products and applicability to specific applications, to brainstorm solutions to difficult design problems, and to accept feedback of any kind. Wavelength Electronics exists to support the design efforts of the OEMs and researchers in laser and temperature control. Let us know what you need, so we can help you achieve your goal!

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