December 28, 2009

Visit the Wavelength Electronics booth, #2202 South Hall, for product premieres, details on several upgraded models, general information, and expert technical advice on maximizing Wavelength product performance in a specific application.

The popular PLD Series Laser Diode Driver is now available as a 6.5 A model. Delivering the precision control you expect from a Wavelength component with improved bandwidth and higher output current, the PLD6500 is a plug-and-play PCB mount component with onboard setpoint and limit controls, remote enable/disable, Active Current Limit, and maximized laser diode protection. This versatile controller is ideally suited to: material processing, industrial control, biomedical, spectroscopy, environmental, semiconductor, aerospace/military, communication, and remote sensing.

Wavelength now offers a 3 A laser diode driver in a 14-Pin DIP package, P/N WLD3343-3A. Our Application Engineers would be happy to discuss whether this version is appropriate for your design. The 2.2 A WLD3343 noise specification has been reduced, and the WLD3393 Evaluation Board has been updated to support all the improvements.

In 2009, Wavelength launched a new website, designed by engineers for engineers. For access to specifications and datasheets for our precision laser diode drivers and temperature controllers just click Support -> Datasheets and select the datasheet you want. More detailed technical information has been added – tutorials, application notes, FAQs, 3-D models, references and industry links. Online design tools have also been enhanced. A Safe Operating Area (SOA) calculator simulates the thermal requirements of your particular design. Circuit Calculators for the WLD laser diode driver and WTC temperature controller chips quickly determine values for all external components based on your application input values. A selection guide compares the core specifications of both laser diode drivers and temperature controllers, accessed with a single click of the Products button.

Our Application Engineers will be present to answer questions about the products and integration in specific applications, to brainstorm solutions to difficult design problems, and to accept feedback of any kind. Wavelength Electronics exists to support the design efforts of the OEMs and researchers in laser and temperature control. Let us know what you need, so we can help you achieve your goal!

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