October 29, 2023

Researchers from the Indian Space Research Organization in Bengaluru, India have developed and demonstrated the absorption spectroscopic capabilities of a chip-scale Rubidium (Rb) atomic vapor cell using a thermoelectric cooler integrated VCSEL light source in a magneto-optic package. The custom 3D-printed design provides real time analysis of spectral data. With over 600 hours of data, absorption resonance lines were recorded and analyzed for transitions 85Rb and 87Rb with absorption amplitude and FWHM data agreeing with known literature values.

For the compactness and wavelength stability of the design, both the size and stability of the temperature controller are critical in the success of the absorption spectroscopy study. The VCSEL diode required high temperature stability due to the center frequency shifting with change in temperature. To meet these requirements, researchers used Wavelength Electronics’ WTC3243 Temperature Controller.

This magneto-optic Rb atomic cell package proves potential for atomic sensors, particularly in space borne applications or payloads.

The complete case study is available as CS-TC08.

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