September 7, 2021

Now Available. CS-TC04: Polymerase Chain Reaction Thermal Cycler with Proportional-Integral Temperature Controller

Researchers have developed a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) thermal cycler using a proportional-integral (PI) temperature controller. The precise temperature controller is needed for stable temperature control and rapid temperature changes in the PCR process. The portable and low-cost thermal cycler allows better opportunities for low-resource areas compared to the bulky and expensive commercial devices available. The developed system produces a temperature ramp rate of 5.5ÂșC/s at a proportional gain value of 15 A/V and an integral gain value of 1.8 A/V. Using gel electrophoresis to analyze the amplified DNA, the samples were validated at the expected molecular weight of 150 base pair. The PTC10K-CH temperature controller, as well as other commercial off-the-shelf products, reduce prototyping costs and maintain accurate and precise reactions.

The complete case study is available as CS-TC04.

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