May 10, 2021

Now Available. CS-LD03: Optical Interruption of Quantum Cascade Laser for Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy

Researchers from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have developed optical interruption of a mid-infrared (MIR) quantum cascade laser (QCL) using a near-infrared (NIR) laser diode for cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS). The QCL is modulated from the injection of the NIR laser diode, and this shifts the frequency of the signal in the cavity generating rapid interruption of the high-finesse cavity resonance.  Optical interruption reduces the high bandwidth requirements of the QCL driver as well as lowers cost and complexity of the system. The necessary precision control was provided by Wavelength Electronics’ LDD200 laser and QCL1000 drivers.

The complete case study is available as CS-LD03.

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