May 29, 2013


Our popular “Basics” landing pages are now available as downloadable App Notes.

AN-TC11: Thermistor Basics
Everything you need to know about thermistors and more. This introduction to thermistors discusses the different types, how to use them, and the pros and cons of different sensor types. It also discusses what the Steinhart-Hart Equation is and how to use it.

AN-TC10: Temperature Controller Basics
Temperature controllers are the brains in a temperature control system. This article discusses how they are used, how they run, and other useful operational information. It also includes electrical diagrams and specification explanations, and other useful terminology.

AN-LD13: Laser Diode Driver Basics
This introduction to laser diode drivers discusses what they are, how they run, differences between types, and many other important facts. Also included are electrical diagrams, explanation of specifications and useful terminology.

AN-LD15: An Introduction to Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs)
Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) are a new and important addition to the laser market. This article discusses the difference between QCLs and other lasers, the benefits of each type of laser, as well as the types of applications at which QCLs excel.

AN-LD14: Quantum Cascade Laser Driver Basics (QCLs)Quantum Cascade Lasers, or QCLs, are different than other lasers in that they are semiconductor lasers that emit mid- and long-wave infrared bands. The drivers must possess low noise and high stability. This introductory article presents important facts about QCL drivers and how they work.

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