August 28, 2009

The popular HTC Series Precision Temperature Controller has been upgraded to offer better temperature stability and reduced internal voltage drop, leading to improved operating efficiency.

Stability is a measure of how close the actual load temperature stays to setpoint temperature over time. Often there can be a “dead band” when scanning across ambient temperature, during the transition between heating and cooling control. Wavelength Electronics has devoted significant research efforts into making the upgraded HTC immune to ambient crossover. Short term off-ambient stability is 0.0009°C. Long term off-ambient stability is 0.0015°C. On-ambient stability of 0.002ºC has been achieved with thermistors. A Technical Note on How Temperature Stability is Measured, TN-TC02 is available.

The low profile package is ideal for designs with space constraints. It provides up to 3 A of heating or cooling current for medical, defense, communications, or manufacturing applications. The linear, PI (Proportional, Integral) control loop offers maximum stability while the bipolar current source has been designed for higher efficiency. Optimized for ultrastable thermoelectric temperature control applications, the HTC maintains precision temperature regulation using an adjustable sensor bias current and error amplifier circuit that operates directly with thermistors, RTDs, AD590, and LM335 type temperature sensors.

External components configure Limit Current, Temperature Setpoint, Proportional Gain, Integrator Time Constant, and Sensor Bias Current. Buffered measurement outputs are provided to compare Actual with Setpoint temperature, while an Analog Input allows remote control of the setpoint. An evaluation board is available to expedite prototyping.

Wavelength Electronics has simplified advanced laser diode drive and thermal control technology for OEM and research applications since 1993. Our high performance specifications are supported by a team of experienced sales and design engineers and a top-notch manufacturing facility. Evaluation quantities are typically available from stock.

To learn more about the improved HTC Series Temperature Controllers and Wavelength’s complete line of high precision, low-noise, ultra-stable laser diode drivers and temperature controllers, call 406-587-4910 or email

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