September 28, 2020

Now Available. CS-LDTC06: Differential Absorption LiDAR for NASA Ozone Mapping

Knowing how much and where ozone is in our atmosphere is important to daily life on Earth. Ozone present in the stratosphere is critical to protecting life from harmful radiation, but ozone in the troposphere is detrimental. NASA has created a network specifically tasked with measuring and mapping the ozone in the troposphere. This will allow researchers to analyze potential dangers with ozone levels and propose solutions to these problems.

Bridger Photonics has developed a Differential Absorption LiDAR (DIAL) system for a NASA LiDAR network to measure ozone concentrations in the troposhpere in a compact, easy-to-use, high power output with low power consumption, fast repetition rate, commercially available device.

The PTC10K-CH provides stable thermoelectric current to control the temperature of the laser diode arrays and the nonlinear crystal. This controller delivered the precision performance and long-term reliability Bridger Photonics required.

The LD15CHA delivers up to 15 A of output current to the laser diode arrays which pump the solid state laser. Because Bridger Photonics operates the driver near limit, it is important that the output current never exceed the setpoint. The LD15CHA can be configured (setpoint and limit) without output current enabled.

Read the full Case Study here.


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