The low-noise QCL OEM driver has enabled countless applications with its patented circuitry. Now, the reverse polarity driver, a current source, is available in the OEM package. Often with epi-down configurations of the QCL the exit lead was attached to the case and it was desirable to ground it. While floating both connections would make it possible to use the standard QCL OEM, simply use the QCL OEM(+) and ground the connection. The Analog Input for remote setpoint input is still set to operate with 0 to +5V input, with bandwidth up to 1-2 MHz for the QCL500(+) and 500 kHz for the QCL2000(+). The new datasheet is available.


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Coming Soon: Benchtop Laboratory Temperature Control Instrument

More power, 2U height, intuitive touchscreen operation. All this is standard in the TC5 and TC10 temperature controllers available in first quarter 2016. Both units deliver up to 15V to the thermoelectric with maximum currents of 5 and 10 Amps, respectively. Temperature stability with a 10kΩ thermistor is better than 0.0009°C. This unit integrates with the QCL LAB driver to shut down laser current if temperature limits are exceeded. Labview drivers, remote control commands (Test and Measurement Class compatible), and the Quick Connect software are all included accessories. Safe, precise control of your thermoelectric is at your fingertips.

Onsite Training at Wavelength in July/August 2016

Designed for our distribution team to get hands-on experience with Wavelength’s entire product line, this training will make it even easier to integrate Wavelength products into OEM systems. Understand the benefits of each package style, learn the command set to operate the instruments remotely, answer any question with direct hands-on training supervised by the team of Sales Engineers. While you’re here, take advantage of our nearby neighbor Yellowstone Park, or Glacier Park at the north border of Montana. If you are not a distributor, but would like this kind of hands-on experience for your design, we offer on-site visits as well.

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Having served the Photonics industry for over 20 years, one thing is obvious – no system can be built without electronics. Complex systems support several Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and demands of handheld systems have driven the components smaller and power consumption lower. Taking advantage of BGA packages, 0402 sized parts, FPGAs, etc. can challenge a PCB layout artist. Ours have the advantage of immediate access to a manufacturing engineer that can suggest ways to optimize the PCB for easy manufacturability which translates directly into lower cost of goods. We’ve compiled an Application Note for PCB designers specifically to help make the finished product more manufacturable.

If you have questions, or would like to discuss your application with a manufacturing engineer, please contact us at or visit our website.

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